Alumni in the news

Alumni in the news

Making a difference in the world

Graduates of Macquarie University have considerable influence on our society and its endeavours.

Notable people from our graduate population of more than 172,000 are regularly reported and quoted in mainstream media, on issues ranging from commerce, trade and international affairs through to history, medicine and social justice.

Each week we capture and promote news stories that include Macquarie alumni and staff.

Search through our news snippets to see what they have to say.


  • "How Yokogawa is automating your everyday" CEO Magazine

    07 Aug 2017

    Mr Russell J Palmer

    From performing arts to the art of performance, Yokogawa Managing Director Russell Palmer has done it all. Not only has he travelled through more places than the average adventurer; he’s expertly piloting the engineering giant through the often-complex waters of an industry dense with complexity, both in the office and on the job site.

  • "Rise of the intern" Lawyers Weekly

    04 Aug 2017

    Mr David Hamer

    “I finished a summer clerkship with Clayton Utz at the start of 2014 and then I did an honours thesis. It took a year-and-a-half after my clerkship before I graduated in September 2015, just before I left for overseas. I had always been interested in international law and also wanted to work at a court. The ICTY had about 50 interns at any one time, and there was a big intern cohort while I was there, which was great because I got to meet all these students and lawyers from all parts of the world.”

  • "Barry Li on the new Chinese changing Australia" AFR

    28 Jul 2017

    Mr Barry T. Li

    Call it the dilemma of "The New Chinese" and Li has now written a book with that title: The New Chinese - How They Are Changing Australia. Li is just one of thousands of our Chinese immigrants who are living here but are still unable to escape the tumultuous changes taking place in the world's second-largest economy.

  • "Cover Story: The VC journey" The Edge Markets

    27 Jul 2017

    Mr Victor K. Chua

    Victor Chua was only 24 when took up forex trading, an unusual choice for a beginner investor. Now he is vice-president of investments at Gobi Partners - a venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage, digital media and IT businesses, shares his journey.

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