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Macquarie University Clinics


Campus Wellbeing Medical Services (GP Clinic)

We provide a wide range of GP services with particular focus on students health, during business hours. We are also the first aid centre for the University and are well equipped to treat minor accidents and emergencies.

Chiropractic Clinics

We utilise spinal adjustments, manipulations and tools such as x-rays and other physical means to diagnose and treat body structures in the restoration and maintenance of health. Our Outpatient Clinics & Research Centres are located in a range of sites throughout the Sydney Metro.

Emotional Health Clinic

The emotional wellbeing of you and your family is our priority. We offer state of the art assessment and treatment for anxiety and related disorders across the life span. All of our treatments are based on cutting edge research by internationally renowned academics and clinicians.

Macquarie University Psychology Clinic (formerly Rod Power Psychology Clinic )

Offers specialised best practice services to the community including therapy for children and adults, testing for educational purposes, neuropsychological assessment and career assessments.

Macquarie University Speech and Hearing Clinic

Audiology Services
Best practice, independent hearing assessments and services including hearing aids, hearing rehabilitation and diagnosis and management of auditory processing disorders.

Speech Services

Leaders in speech pathology practice for all ages. Clients receive the most effective services available for difficulties with speech, stuttering, language, literacy, voice, and accents.