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Double Majors. Double Degrees. What does it all mean?

So I wanted to write today about something that is quite complicated but something that I would have loved to have known before heading into university, and it relates to what you can study. It’s the idea of a double major.

‘What is a double major?’ you might be asking yourself. And it’s a fair question because the term ‘major’ isn’t exactly made that clear to high school students.

Basically a major is the core of your study, the main thing you do at university. You might say that you study a Bachelor of Arts, but what you’re really studying is English, History, Dance or Cultural Studies etc – these are your ‘major’ areas.

So a double major is, basically, where you study two different areas in order to qualify as being educated in those specialties – say, environmental earth science and geology. Keep in mind that you don’t have to commit to a major in order to take subjects from another faculty – that’s what electives are for.

These two really can exist side by side!

Why would anybody want to complete a second major? Can you do two completely different majors or do they have to be similar? And how is that any different to doing a double degree?

I’m going to answer that last one first because it’s the most important. If you want a degree that is going to give you a wide range of expertise and you want/need that for your career, then a double degree is for you – two degrees, each with a single major. It takes 4 years to complete a double degree [except for Law degrees] but at the end you’ll come out with a more robust education.

Now, if you want to take a degree with two similar areas of interest [eg Biology and Chemistry], or you want a degree that allows you to take up another major for interest or possible use in a career [eg Biology and English], then a double major is for you. So let’s say you want to study Biology and English – you can do the double major under one degree OR you can take a 4 year B Science with B Arts. The difference between them? The number of years you study, the number of degrees you end up with and the number of subjects you can take.

However, let’s say you want to study English and Writing – there’s no sense in a double degree here, so you’d pick up a B Arts and complete a double major, as you would for B Science with Biology and Chemistry.

Make sense? The choice boils down to what you think is more appropriate for your future employment. Double major = picking a second area for interest or picking two closely related majors; double degree = picking two different areas of study for career purposes [Arts/Commerce, for example].

OK, now I want to give you three reasons why you should consider a double major or a double degree:

1)      Employability. Employers love graduates with varied background and skills – the more knowledgeable you are, the better. It’s all about having an edge over other graduates. Professional accounting and a French major could get you places.

2)      Diversity. Want to take a writing major alongside your physics? Want to study ancient history with your marketing? Why not? You’re at university to learn, so there’s no reason you should box yourself into a single faculty.

3)      And lastly, for fun. No kidding. You get to see completely different parts of the university and meet people that you would otherwise miss out on seeing.

Confusing? It is for me. My advice, search here for the degrees and majors you might be interested in:

57 Responses to “Double Majors. Double Degrees. What does it all mean?”

  1. hi,
    I have done a Master in Statistics and want to get a Masters in Management from Macquarie. Will this be called a DOUBLE DEGREE?

  2. Hi, thanks for the info! I completely agree with you in terms of combining a language with a non-language degree as it increases your employability and you learn an extra communication skill.

  3. Actually, I’m studying Bachelor of Applied Finance but I am really interest in Biology. Can these two degree be doubled?

  4. Hi Laura,
    Since you have done those degrees separately it doesn’t count as a double degree. Double degrees are like the Bachelor of Science with the Bachelor of Arts which are combined so that you can do them in a shorter time frame – 4 years instead of 6!

  5. Hi there Song,
    Unfortunately there isn’t an Applied Finance and Science double degree available. The only similar option that I know of is the Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with the Bachelor of Science. Within the Science part of that degree you can take biology as a major.

    However in your Applied Finance degree I know you have some electives so remember you can take those from anywhere in the university – which includes biology subjects! You might even be able to fit in a minor in Biology :)

    If you have any troubles with organising your degree I’d recommend contacting an academic adviser.

  6. Hi there,
    I am interested in an economics double major but is this only possible through the Bachelor of Commerce?

    Can I do the Bachelor of Economics with another major from commerce?

  7. Hi Kevin,

    That’s great that you’re interested in economics, Macquarie is very strong in that area!
    In regards to your question, it is easiest to do a double major in the Commerce degree because it’s structured with majors in mind. You might be able to take two majors that satisfy your interest in economics anyway (such as Economics and Applied Econometrics) so I’d advise you to see the list of majors available within the Bachelor of Commerce if you haven’t already:

    However if your heart is really set on a Bachelor of Economics it may be possible to fit in a major too. If you look at the study plan you have some electives:
    So you may be able to use your electives to undertake a major. I recommend you talk to an academic adviser or submit your query to the Student Enquiry Service:
    They specialize in these questions and can give you a definitive answer, but I hope I’ve given you some help!


  8. Hi
    I’m considering double majoring in Environmental Science and Chemistry. Is this a good idea? Dobruja two subjects complement each other?

  9. Hi Euodia,
    Double majors do give you more flexibility as it means you specialize in two different areas and may have a broader choice of jobs when you graduate.

    These two subjects definitely complement each other as they’re related to science. It’s hard to decide as there are so many science majors to choose from but most of them go together very well.
    If you’re unsure you can have a close look at the individual subjects that each of the majors consists of –
    Or talk to an academic adviser for some face-to-face discussion!

  10. Hi, thanks for this, it’s been really helpful. I’m a first year doing a BA majoring in Media, Culture and Communications and I’m thinking of doing a double major now with International Communication. Is it still possible for me to do this or is it too late? And if I can, how do I go about doing it?

  11. Hi Emily,

    Glad that the article helped you!
    You can definitely still do your double major. The great thing about Macquarie’s degrees is that generally you don’t have to pick a major straight away, I picked mine in my last year!
    However with double majors it does help to decide early so that you can sort out your study plan and don’t have to take any extra time.

    What you need to do is have a close look at what subjects are required for the major:
    And then talk to an academic advisor to double check you understand it all:
    Then enrol in the units online!


  12. Hi,

    If I am studying a BALLB, could I complete all of the requirements for the LLB and be awarded that- continue in my program and be awarded the BA at a later date?



  13. Hi Scott,

    No, undergraduate Law must be completed as part of a double degree. The only alternative is to do your Arts degree first then Graduate LLB ( afterwards but this would require 6 years total instead of 5 so the combined Arts-Law really is the best way to go!


  14. Hi,
    I’m interested in doing both a bachelor of medical science and bachelor of chiropractic science. Would this require a double degree? How would I go about this?

  15. Hello Paul,

    Only some degrees are offered as double degrees and unfortunately you can’t do the Bachelor of Medical Sciences and Bachelor of Chiropractic Science together at the same time. They’re both very structured degrees without much room for electives which is why they’re not offered as a double degree.
    You can choose to do both degrees separately, one after the other, which would be 6 years of study.

    Or just start with the one you’re more interested in. If you want to be a Chiropractor then the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science is definitely for you but if you’re interested in the body in general then the Bachelor of Medical Sciences is a bit more flexible as you can specialise in Biomedical, Medicinal Chemistry or Psychomedical Sciences. I’d recommend having a good look at both of them in our course guide:

    Apart from that, the double degrees that you might be interested in are the Bachelor of Arts with the Bachelor of Science (, and the Bachelor of Arts – Psychology with the Bachelor of Health (—psychology-with-the-degree-of-bachelor-of-health.

    Good luck!

  16. Hi,
    This was a very helpful article but I am still some what confused.

    I would like to study both accounting and writing and thus was looking into doing a double degree of Arts and Commerce with majors of both writing and accounting.

    Is there another way to get both subjects? Or is my only option a double degree? I would also like to know if the subjects can be studied together.


  17. Hi Isabelle,

    Glad to hear the article helped but majors and minors can still be very complicated! It depends on how much writing you’d like to do and which accounting degree you’d like to do.

    If you’re interested in the Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting (—professional-accounting) then you have 11 credit points that can be used on electives (like writing) so you could do about 4 writing subjects along with your degree.

    Alternatively, if you did a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting then you’d have room for about 5 writing subjects.

    However if you really want to have an equal amount of Writing and Accounting then the double degree is the way to go ( Within the Bachelor of Arts you can major in Writing and within the Bachelor of Commerce you can major in Accounting. It’s only one more year for a whole extra degree!

    If you have any more specific questions I’d recommend talking to an Academic Advisor as they can tell you more about the particular subjects you can do. For accounting talk to these guys: For Writing talk to one of these:

    Hope that helped clear some things up!

  18. Hi Alex,

    thanks for the article! Finally I understood the difference between double degree and double majors. :-D
    However I’m still confused. I’m in my second year doing Marine Science with major in Geoscience. I would like to do a double major in Geology. Where should I go? Whom to ask if this is possible? I was told that the units I have done may be accounted only for one major only. And as I’m doing Geoscience already there are several intersecting units with Geology. What should I do in this case?


  19. Hi Shireen,

    That’s great to hear that the article helped!

    From looking at your degree it doesn’t seem like you have the option for ‘majors’ but ‘specializations’ with your only two choices being Geoscience or Biology, but you can’t take them both.

    Have a close look at your degree outline under “What You Will Study”:

    You can double check and ask any more specific questions by contacting an academic advisor in your study area:

    Advisors are the people who help you out with any questions about the structure of your degree and any problems you might have, they’re a great resource!

    Good luck Shireen!


  20. Hi,
    Im currently in my last year of my Batchlor of Arts with a diploma in Education. But i have started thinking about studing Media, Culture and Communications. Would this still be a double major if i began study next year after i finish my BAdipED? Also confused about time, and how long i would need to study again to major in Media, Culture Communications If already a graduate with a BAdipED?

    Thanks Mel

  21. Hi Mel,

    If you finish your degree next year and graduate then it means you will have to do a whole other degree to get another major, which will take 3 years.

    But you can hold off on graduating and take some more time to complete the major in Media, Culture and Communications. However this will not be a double major, as a diploma in education isn’t a major as such.

    You need 24 credit points in specific areas to complete a major in Media, Culture and Communications which you can see here under ‘what you will study’:

    How long it will take depends on how many of these units you’ve already done. However it looks to me that if you’re careful about which subjects you choose, and if you’re willing to do 4 subjects a semester you can complete the major in 1 year.

    Good luck and I hope that helps!

  22. Hi there
    Iam studying bachelor of commerce major accounting at the moment.I intend to take another major which is marketing. And i wonder should i take bachelor of commerce with degree in bachelor of art??? Base on the credit points, if i finish those two major, i already qualified the credit points for bachelor of commerce with degree in bachelor of art. Is there any requirement for me to enroll into double degree??? Any GPA requirement???
    Jennifer Nguyen

  23. Hi,
    I am currently enrolled in Bachelor of Commerce-Professional of Accounting and I am actually in my last year. I am thinking of changing it to Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting. But I also wish to take Marketing. I am confuse on the different between double major Accounting and Marketing and double degree Accounting and Marketing. What differentiate them apart from the degree that we graduate? Is the subject that we study will be different?How about the length of course? I am still overseas, so I am not sure where to get help online.

  24. Hi,
    Sorry, what I mean that I am in my last year is I still have 2 more semester.


  25. Hi Jennifer,

    You can transfer to a double degree by making sure you meet the requirements (usually a certain GPA is needed) and applying online. You can do both here:
    Make sure you have a look at “Table 2″ on that page to see the requirements.

    It should be relatively easy to transfer to a double degree since you’re already enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce and thus just need to meet the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts. Most transfers require 12 credit points and a GPA of 2.0 but you’ll need to check as you’re wanting to transfer into a double degree.

    I’d recommend you speak to an academic advisor as they can tell you if it’s worthwhile to switch to the double degree of the Bachelor of Arts (Marketing) with the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) or just stay with the Bachelor of Commerce with the double major in Accounting and Marketing. You can ask a question online here:

    The one thing I would say is to be aware that if you switch to the double degree it will take you 4 years instead of the single degree which you can usually complete in 3 years.

    Hope that helps!

  26. Hi Sherly,
    It looks like these are your options:

    1. Stay with the Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting and use all of your 12 spare credit points to take electives in Marketing so you finish with a minor in it. Read about majors and minors here:
    And check out your current course structure under “what you will study” here:—professional-accounting

    2. Transfer to the Bachelor of Commerce and take a double major in Accounting and Marketing. You can automatically transfer from your current degree to the Bachelor of Commerce online, without any requirements, here:
    Have a look at what subjects you will take with the major in Marketing, and then Accounting by clicking on “what you will study” and then clicking on each major down the bottom:

    3. Transfer to the double degree of the Bachelor of Arts with the Bachelor of Commerce, and still take the two majors of Accounting and Marketing. This choice takes 4 years to complete because it is a double degree, unlike the others. Once again, have a look at the required subjects by going to “what you will study” and picking the major here:

    Have a good look at the course structures online to see what subjects are required for these options. Many of them will be the same. If you’re not sure what would suit you best I’d suggest talking to your lecturers and tutors, an academic advisor, or asking more questions here:

    Good luck!

  27. Hi!

    I just enrolled in BCom and I want to major in accounting and marketing. will the duration of 3 years still be the same?


  28. Hi there Mel,

    You can still complete a double major with the Bachelor of Commerce in three years.

    However it can get very complicated, as both majors have some of the same subjects in first year and some other subjects overlap. In order to finish in 3 years you need to be very careful about which units you pick and that you meet all of the requirements for the degree and both majors.

    Have a good look at the units required for each.

    Bachelor of Commerce with Accounting:

    Bachelor of Commerce with Marketing:

    I would definitely go see an academic advisor. They can tell you how to successfully complete both majors in 3 years. Try this link:

    Good luck with your studies,

  29. Hi.

    I am a future student which is enrolling in February 2013. I am applying for Bachelor of Commerce. If I choose Finance and Economics as my majors, can I still pick International Business as my minor? And how many majors and minors can we choose?

    I know there is an option of double degree in Bachelor of Applied Finance and Bachelor of Economics, but I would like to finish my degree in 3 years.

    Thank you.

  30. Hi Rhiannon,

    You can definitely take a double major with the Bachelor of Commerce. You should be able to fit in a minor in International Business as well, but you’ll have to organise your study plan very carefully. I can’t help you with that but an academic advisor can. Go to this page: to find who to contact. I’d recommend BESS, the Business and Economics Student Service. They can help you plan out exactly what units you need to study so that you come away with the double major and minor you’re interested in.

    You can generally take up to two majors, or one major and two minors or a combination of those. It really depends on what you can fit into your degree. Majors require 24 credit points in a designated area and minors require 12. You can read about the other requirements for them here:

    Hope that helps!

  31. Hi Alex
    I have applied to study for a BSc, starting in 2013 and intend to do a double major in Psychology and Brain, Behaviour and Evolution, part time.
    I have gone through the handbook carefully and have drawn up a tentative time table and think that I can comply with all the requirements.
    I have some detailed questions and would like to talk to acadamic advisors in each department.
    Would you pleas provide me with the necessary links.
    Thanks Dan

  32. Hi Dan,
    Glad to see you have done your research!
    For specific questions about the psychological sciences major, you can contact psychology academic advisors here:

    As for Brain, Behaviour and Evolution (or general questions about the BSc), you can contact academic adviors here: The top option on Biological Sciences is relevant to you :)

    I would most definitely recommend coming to Macquarie’s Open Day this Saturday, 8th September. There will be academic advisors from each area on the day that you can direct your questions to if you’d like to talk face to face, along with some information sessions that might interest you. Check out what’s going on here:

    And I would put Macquarie’s Info Day (Thurs 3rd January 2013) in your diary if you find yourself needing more info later on!

    I hope that helps and you find answers to all your questions! Good luck,

  33. hello there i was just wondering if ur university supplied a double degree in nursing and psychology? I am currently studying nursing but have a love of the science of human behaviour and would love to start a psychology degree but i dont want to waste the time and effort i have spent on nursing.

  34. Hi Mandy,
    We don’t offer nursing specifically, however we do offer a double degree of a Bachelor of Arts – Psychology with the degree of Bachelor of Health. You can check out this degree (and the specific subjects by clicking “what you will study”) here:—psychology-with-the-degree-of-bachelor-of-health

    I definitely agree that you wouldn’t want your previous study to go to waste, so you can get ‘credit for previous study’ which will contribute towards your degree. If some of the subjects you did are similar to those in this course then you can be exempt from them, but you can also get general credit which will exempt you from the electives that you would normally do. You can read more about credit for previous study here:

    Also consider the single degrees of a Bachelor of Arts – Psychology (—psychology) and the Bachelor of Science – Psychology (—psychology). You should be able to get credit for previous study towards these too.

    The best thing to do for now would be to direct your question to an academic advisor, who can give you more of an indication of what you can get credit for. There is a list of them here:

    Thanks for your question and I hope you’re successful!

  35. I thought I had a grasp on what everything meant but after reading through all these comments I seem to have just confused myself again! Help me! I’m in second semester of 1st year doing a BA majoring in writing. I now want to study German. My questions are:
    - Can I minor in German or can you only take a language as a major?
    - I’ll most likely have to do the three introductory units for German as I’m a little rusty, but can you take 100 level classes in year 2? Because I’ve been filling time/gaps with random electives like history and sociology, have I already filled my quota on the amount of units I can study as part of a degree?
    - On the subject of electives, I was under the impression I could choose any elective within the Arts faculty but what I read above suggests I could take any old elective from the entire curriculum like in Science or Education faculties? Is this true?
    - Am I still able to double major at this point in time given that I’m almost finished the first year of my degree?

    I have tons more questions but I’ll leave it there for now, thanks in advance for any help you can provide me with.
    In short, how do I pick up a language in second year while still studying writing?

  36. Hi, Im really stressing out because Im really hoping to get in for BA Psychology, which I’m going to put as my first preference. For my back up I’m planning to put BA and transfer. I was wondering if you could you help me choose my majors and minors in relation to BA Psychology and if i got into the BA Psychology what minors I would be doing.

    Thanks heaps

  37. Hi Allysia,
    Majors and minors can certainly get confusing, and as you can see above – you’re not alone!
    Here are the answers to some of your questions:

    1. Yes you can minor in German, alongside your current major in Writing. Or you can take it as a major also and therefore be doing a double major. To do this, first have a look at the subjects that you’ll need to enroll in, by going to “what you will study” on this page:
    Keep in mind that a minor requires 12 credit points and a major requires 24 credit points in that particular area (along with a couple of other requirements you need to satisfy, which you can see here:
    Next, go speak to an academic advisor. They can look at all your subjects and tell you what you can do to achieve what you’re looking for. To find one, look here:

    2. Yes you can start 100 level units in your second year. It is unlikely that you have ‘filled your quota’, or reached your maximum credit points for your degree, but to be certain it would be best to speak to an academic advisor and show them what subjects you have done and would like to do. However, even if you have gone a little over the amount of credit points you need for your degree you can get a waiver to excuse this, once again an academic advisor can provide advice on this.

    3. As you’re doing an Arts degree there are many subjects throughout the entire university that you can do. You can do some business subjects, science, education, psychology…most areas really! There are some exceptions like actuarial studies, law and chiropractic. To check what majors/subjects you can do just jump online and look at the list of majors down the bottom of this page:
    Click on the majors and then see what degrees they’re available for at the top of the page. Alternatively, just ask your friendly academic advisor :)

    4. Yes you can definitely still do a double major!

    I hope this helps Allysia! Talking to an academic advisor and laying down all of your questions would definitely be the way to go, but rest assured that you’re not alone with being a bit thrown by all this talk of majors and minors :)

    Good luck!

  38. Hi Jenny,
    If you get straight into the Bachelor of Arts – Psychology (fingers crossed!) then you don’t choose a major. You can see what you’ll study and what choices you have within the degree by going to “what you will study” from this page:—psychology

    You do get some electives however, so you can take other subjects from throughout the university that cater to your interests.

    I would recommend, however, that if you get into the Bachelor of Arts that you take a major in Psychological Science, which will be a great introduction to psychology before your transfer. The best part is, you’ll be doing some of the exact same units as those enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts – Psychology degree, so you won’t have to “make up” any subjects or time. Have a look at this degree here:

    If you have more questions I’d suggest asking them here:

    Or, if they’re specifically subject and degree related then you could ask an academic advisor, from here:

    For more information on transfers and other alternate pathways check out this page:

    Good luck with getting into your dream degree! We hope to see you on campus soon :)


  39. Hi I do Bcom/LLB. Is it possible for me to do a double major within commerce?

  40. Hi Sun Yong Kim!
    Yes it is definitely possible to do a double major within Commerce. However you would need to speak to an academic adviser about how to structure your course because it will take up most, if not all, of your electives. By structuring the degree correctly it will mean that you won’t have to take too much extra time to complete your degree.
    A list of academic advisers can be found here:


  41. Hi, not sure if this will be seen but i’ll hope for the best!

    I’m about to start my second year (as an undergraduate) doing a Bachelor of Social Science which requires us to complete a major (I’m doing Politics and International Relations)however I have just seen that the degree will now be now offering new majors which can be completed and in particular I would like to do the major in Public Policy, Law and Governance but I am almost positive that Social Science has no double degree with arts so i was curious to see how best to approach this dilemma, as i would really love to complete both majors. I wasn’t sure if my only option now was to undertake a bachelor of arts once I had finished this one or what, so I hope you can shed some light on my problem.

    Hope you see where I’m coming from with this, and hope I made myself clear, thank you so much.

    Kind Regards,


  42. Hi Lachlan,

    Thanks for your comment. We check this page regularly so you’ll always get a reply :)

    The good news is that you don’t have to undertake a double degree or another single degree in order to do two majors. You can undertake a double major within a single degree. This would mean that you would be doing a Bachelor of Social Science with a double major in Politics and International Relations and Public Policy, Law and Governance (that sounds pretty impressive!) Many Macquarie students do two majors this way.

    However I would recommend that you contact an academic adviser (you can see a list here: as it is important to structure your degree properly so that you avoid having to take any extra time with your degree. However, considering that you are just starting your second year, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    Good luck with your studies this year!


  43. Hi, I’m studying a BArts/BCom. Is it possible for me to do a major within each of these degrees and still have credit points left over (24) to complete an additional major? If so, can it be from outside these faculties (e.g. biology) and will it be recognised?
    Thanks, Ava

  44. Hi Ava,

    Thanks for your comment, however this is one for an academic adviser.

    Unfortunately I can’t give you specific advice on things like credit points, sorry! You’ll need to pass this question on to an acadmic adviser, you can find them here:

    Good luck!

  45. Hello, I got accepted into the Bachelor of Arts course and I’m wondering how you would begin to apply for two majors, or do you only apply for one at first? I’m contemplating whether to double major in Japanese Studies and Psychological Science – is that even possible?

  46. Hi Jewellyne,
    Yes this is most definitely possible! (And what a cool combination!) Start by looking at each of the major requirements separately and what subjects you need to do in your 1st year.

    Japanese Studies:
    Psychological Science:

    I’d recommend writing this down or printing it out and then bring it with you to your enrollment day. You’ll sit down with an academic adviser, plan your units and then enroll in them. You apply for both majors together.

    Sounds like a fun double major to me :)
    Good luck!

  47. Hi, I am doing a double degree in Bachelor of Commerce with Bachelor of Arts (psychology)

    is it possible do to a double major AND a double degree?
    i want to major in finance and marketing under the BCOM

    Thanks! :)

  48. Hi Alex,
    You can definitely do a major under the Commerce side of the degree, however it may be difficult under the Arts – Psychology side as it is a named degree that you wouldn’t normally take a major in. You’ll need to discuss your options with an academic adviser, there’s a list of them here: Or file a question at

    Alternatively, if you’re a new student starting this year then you can talk to an academic adviser, one on one, at your enrollment day!

    Good luck with your degree :)

  49. Hello (again),
    So I’ve selected my double majors (Jap studies/psych science) for the upcoming EPS/academic advising, but what I want to know now is: is taking a double major more costly? Needing different text books and the like; does it cost more in the BArts course to do two majors as opposed to one?

  50. Hi Jewellyne,
    That’s good that you’re all set for your on campus enrollment! Taking two majors does not cost more than doing one. One or two majors doesn’t change the cost with the Bachelor of Arts because you are still required to do the same amount of units (subjects) and reach the same credit point goal (68) regardless of the amount of majors you decide to take.
    So a person doing the B.Arts with a single or double major will do the same amount of units in the end, and it is each individual unit required for them that add to the cost of the degree. People doing a single major just have more electives as their units.
    The only way it could possibly cost more is if you don’t structure your degree well and end up needing to take more subjects than usual to meet all the requirements of the degree (i.e. to meet the requirements of each major, the people and planet units etc). However seeing an academic adviser during enrollment should mean that this won’t happen.
    Good luck with your enrollment,

  51. Hello. I m Azlan from Malaysia. I would like to do double degree. I would like to do astrophysics/physics as I of my degree for honors and an additional degree in BBA. I would like to take in any universities that give full scholarship. I just need an help from Alex on how pursue my double degree program. Need a reply to my email Thank for any advice that u send to my mail. Thank you.

  52. Hi,

    I have been accepted into the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce double degree for 2013. At the moment, I am thinking of doing Marketing and Demographics as my two majors. However, as they are both considered Commerce majors, would it be better for me to just do a Commerce degree with a double major? I know that it would take less time (3 years instead of 4), so would that mean it would be more work? In that case, how would my degree be structured differently to the double degree?


  53. Hey Emma,

    Congratulations on your offer!

    Doing the Commerce degree with two majors wouldn’t necessarily be more work – it’s just that more of the units that you need to do to finish the degree would be taken up my Marketing and Demographics units. Whereas in the double degree you would have more room for electives.
    You can have a look at the requirements and structure for each degree here:
    Commerce –
    Commerce & Arts –

    I would recommend talking to an academic adviser – they can sit down and have a chat with you about what you want from your degree, where you’d like to end up in terms of qualifications and jobs etc and give you a recommendation from there. There’s a list of them here:

    But ultimately the choice is yours! Just take into account how long each one will take you and the amount of units you need to take (outside of the majors) to complete each degree.

    Good luck!

  54. Hi,

    I was just wondering, when you graduate with a double degree, do receive 2 separate certificates for each degree, or just the 1 certificate with two degree names?


  55. Hi there Sana,
    As far as I know you just get one certificate because you have completed an official double degree, which works a little differently to just doing 2 separate degrees.

  56. Hey

    I am a 5th year student in the Law/Arts double degree. I started in 2009. In my first 3 years I studied mainly politics (and some history) units whilst undertaking the necessary law subjects. According to an advisor I have completed the requirements of the arts degree with a major in politics.

    Last year I started studying Japanese language, am continuing this year, and I would like to continue next year into 300 level. Because of this I am behind in my law units and it will take me 6 years to complete the degree.

    If my arts unit requiremetns were completed, does this mean these japanese units are not counting towards my degree? I was sent a transcript which listed me as ‘part-time’ this semester (I beleive I completed all arts unit requirements last semester). This is a big concern regarding centrelink etc. I am still doing 4 units but am being listed as part-time.

    I would also like to go on exchange next year in Japan and do law units there.

    How can I get my japanese studies made into a second major of my arts degree, or minor or whatever. If I have already completed so many arts units what can I do?


  57. Hi M,

    Unfortunately since these are specific unit-related questions I can’t give academic advice on them. You’ll need to have a sit down chat with an academic adviser (in Arts most likely). You can contact them here:

    Alternatively you can ask this question at and they can sort out the part about being considered part-time. What may have happened is that you’ve completed your credit point limit and will need to complete a waiver in order to allow more room in your study program (I once had to do this, and the people at sorted it out on e-student for me).

    Normally you would just elect Japanese as your second major after Politics in an “I expect to complete” form ( and as long as you have met the requirements for each major it would appear on your final degree transcript. But there may be some complications if you have finished the credit points needed to satisfy the Arts requirements, I’m not sure on that one.. But chatting to an academic adviser and the help desk online should put you on the right track!

    Really hope that helps and you get an answer soon!


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