PACE transforms learning into reality

PACE is a program unique to Macquarie that takes students out of the lecture theatre and places them in the heart of their chosen careers. Through PACE, students have the opportunity to contribute before they graduate thereby producing well-rounded men and women who can effectively apply their ideas in the real world. PACE doesn't just produce better graduates; it produces better people.

The professional and community engagement experiences that PACE can offer locally, regional and internationally include:

  • integrating work with learning, such as through internships
  • community service and development
  • practical experience both on and off campus
  • field trips

To find out more about the benefits of Macquarie University's PACE program for students, staff and partners click on the links below:

Latest News

'T talks', part of the PACE Public Lecture Series

PACE T-talks is a series of dynamic forums featuring today's community visionaries as they share the pivotal role innovation takes in preparing the leaders of tomorrow. With speakers drawn from all levels of the community, at a national and international level,  the PACE T-talks provide an outlet for discussion, analysis and reflection.

Keep an eye out for further information on future events listed here.