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Department of Linguistics

Student advisors

Do you need administrative advice if you have a query relating to a procedural matter, eg 'how do I go about...?'.

Academic staff are experts in their discipline whose time is divided between teaching and research. Before approaching an academic staff member with a routine query please consider whether the information you are seeking is readily available elsewhere, eg in the unit outline, from an administrative staff member, on the web or in the Handbook. Don't be shy about approaching the our administration teams - they are a valuable source of expertise that is available to you.

All student inquiries
Call + 61 2 9850 7102
Visit Building C3A Ground Floor Student Centre
Linguistics administration staff
Kylie Coaldrake  + 61 2 9850 7102
Lorraine Whybrow  + 61 2 9850 1029
Melanie Moscatt  + 61 2 9850 7594
Alice Wu    + 61 2 9850 6782
Linguistics Higher Degree Research administration staff
Call  +61 (02) 9850 9243
Visit Building X5B 242