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Department of Linguistics

Dr Philip Chappell

Senior Lecturer

Philip Chappell has been involved in English Language Teaching, Language in Education/Applied Linguistics, ELT program management and TESOL since the early 1990s.  He spent over ten years living in Asia, where he was involved with adult language teaching, language teacher education, curriculum development, program management, distance TESOL education and developing in-service professional development programs.

He currently conducts research in the areas of:

  • TESOL Methodology
  • Second Language Classroom Interaction
  • Language teacher cognition
  • Digital technologies for second language learning and teaching
  • Systemic functional grammar for language teaching
  • Sociocultural approaches to language and learning


Phil also teaches TESOL and Applied Linguistics courses at postgraduate level, and supervises higher degree research students at Masters and PhD level.

Phil currently convenes the Graduate Certificate in TESOL program, teaching the Linguistics and Language Teaching unit, as well as overseeing the other units and Practicum in TESOL. 

Current projects involve investigating dialogic approaches to second language teaching and learning, mediation in second language classroom learning and teaching, and teacher cognition related to exam preparation courses and digital technologies. Phil is also the Executive Editor of the English Australia Journal.

Access Phil's personal webpage.


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Book reviews

Chappell, P (2014) Review of Borg, S, 'Teacher Research in Language Teaching', 2013, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. English Australia Journal, pp. 101-5

Chappell, P (2013) Review of Hockly, N and Clandfield, L.'Teaching Online: tools, techniques, opportunities and challenges', ETAS Journal, 30(3), p. 64

Chappell, P (2013) Review of  Penny Ur, 'Vocabulary Activities,' 2012, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, ETAS Journal, 31(1), p. 68

Research Grants

$37,880 IDP: IELTS Australia Research Program, 2014: The Impact of Teacher Cognition and Classroom Practices on IELTS Test Preparation Courses in the Australian ELICOS Sector, with Dr Heather Jackson.


Macquarie University Faculty of Human Sciences Executive Dean's Service Award 2013: Contributions that Enhance the Profile of the Department of Linguistics and the University

Macquarie University Department of Linguistics Teaching Award 2012: Best Postgraduate iLearn Website

Higher Degree Research Students

Phil is always interested in hearing from potential HDR candidates whose research interests align with his.

Thushara Gamage

PhD candidate: Using telecollaborative projects to promote communicative competence in English in primary schools in Sri Lanka and benefit their partner school in Australia

 Michael Rabbidge

PhD candidate: Examining the cognitive influences on Korean elementary school English teachers' language use  

Truc Ly

MRes/PhD candidate: Exploring EFL teachers' perceptions of Task-based Language Teaching and Classroom Practices in Mekong Delta universities in Vietnam, and ELICOS programs in Australia