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Department of Linguistics

Dr Annabelle Lukin

Research Fellow - Centre for Language and Social Life and Lecturer
BA (History and Sociology) UQ, MA (Spanish and Latin American Studies) UNSW, Dip Ed (History and TESOL) US, Grad Cert (TESOL) UTS, Grad Dip (Education Studies) (With Merit) US, PhD (Linguistics) Macquarie.

Annabelle is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics in the Centre for Language in Social Life (CLSL). The CLSL specializes in the study of language in its social context, drawing on a range of sociolinguistic theories but with a particular basis in systemic functional linguistics. Annabelle specializes in (critical) discourse analysis from a systemic functional linguistic perspective. 

Her research topics include media discourse, educational linguistics and the study of verbal art; her theoretical interests include the relation of text to context, studies of texture and text structure, and the description of meaning from the perspective of systemic functional linguistics.  As a Macquarie University Postdoctoral Fellow, she studied the coverage of the 2003 'Caolition' invasion of Iraq. In her PhD, she investigated the study of literature in high school, and the processes by which theoretical knowledge is recontextualised in syllabus documents and enacted in educational practices. She was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's commendation for a thesis of 'exceptional merit'.

Research Interests

Annabelle researches and supervises in discourse analysis of Spanish, including media and literary texts. More recently she has begun to work on bringing stylistics and translation theories together.

She curates the SFL linguists group on the video hosting site VIMEO ( She has also contributed a series of lectures to accompany An Introduction to Functional Grammar, by Halliday and Matthiessen (Arnold, 2004), which can be viewed here:

Annabelle is actively committed to bringing linguistics to the general public, and has produced pieces for media as diverse as ABC Radio National (Ockham's Razor and Perspective), The Drum, The Conversation, D!ssent magazine, Education Links, Sydney Morning Herald, and The Australian, and has been interviewed on Sydney's 702, Melbourne's 3AK, Triple J and Radio National's Life Matters programme. She is also an active Wikipedian, and has either written or substantially contributed to a number of entries relating to linguistics, including those on Ferdinand de Saussure MAK Halliday, Ruqaiya Hasan, and systemic functional linguistics.

Previously, Annabelle has worked in language and literacy education, as a teacher, materials writer and curriculum developer, with ESL and Aboriginal tertiary preparation students.



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Book chapters and articles (in press)

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Lukin, A. in press (accepted Dec 2010). Creating a parallel universe: mode and the textual function in the study of one news story. In Bowcher and Smith. Recent Studies in Systemic Phonology. London: Equinox.

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Book chapters/articles/conference proceedings (published)

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Teaching resources:

Joyce, H. & Lukin, A. 1999. CSWE II Workbook , a workbook for intermediate ESL students, plus cassette.

Cornish, S. & Lukin, A. 1998. Teaching Casual Conversation: Story-telling, NSW AMES. (Video and teacher materials).

Lukin, A. & Ross, L. 1997 (a). The Numeracy Handbook, NSW AMES and NCELTR.

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