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Australian School of Advanced Medicine

Professor Wendy Rogers

Professor Wendy RogersProfessor of Clinical Ethics

The Australian School of Advanced Medicine and Department of Philosophy, Macquarie University

Contact Details

Philosophy Department
Building W6A, room 740
Macquarie University NSW 2109, Australia
Tel: +61 (0)2 9850 8858
Fax: +61 (0)2 9850 8892

Professional Overview

Professor Rogers came to Macquarie in 2009 as a joint appointment between the Philosophy Department and the Australian School of Advanced Medicine. She initially trained as a general practitioner before undertaking philosophy honours and a PhD in medical ethics at Flinders University, followed by an NHMRC post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Edinburgh. Prior to coming to Macquarie she spent five years leading the ethics, law and professionalism teaching in the School of Medicine at Flinders. She has served on a number of national committees including the Australian Health Ethics Committee (2003-06) and was a member of the Medical Board of South Australia (2005-9).

Areas of Research Interest

Professor Rogers' research spans a number of areas in biomedical ethics, and uses theoretical and empirical methods. She has a long-standing interest in research ethics including issues such as the generation of evidence and the ethics of evidence-based medicine, research with vulnerable populations, justice in research, and conflicts of interest. Her work in organ donation focuses on the ethical issues raised by donation after cardiac death and the determination of death. She is leading a multi-disciplinary team at Macquarie in the INCISIVE project (INterdisciplinary Collaboration Investigating Surgical Innovation, Values and Ethics), which is investigating ethical and regulatory issues related to surgical innovation.


Year Funding body Grant type Amount Title CIs
2000-3 NHMRC Sidney Sax Fellowship ID 007129 $235,372 Investigation of ethical issues of guideline implementation W Rogers
Chief Scientist Office, Scotland Visiting Fellowship in Public Health
ID: 00A/1/1011
$80,000 What are the ethical issues encountered in implementing Scottish public health policy? W Rogers
University of Adelaide Faculty of Health Sciences project grant $14,000 An ethical critique and document analysis of conflicts of interests in Divisions of General Practice A Braunack-Mayer
W Rogers
G Cullity
C Provis
Flinders University Establishment grant $5,000 Investigation of ethical and legal considerations in the secondary uses of health data W Rogers
A Braunack-Mayer
Flinders Institute Health and Medical Research Competitive grant $2,000 Ethical issues in the publication of health sciences research W Rogers
A Braunack-Mayer
M Israel
ARC Discovery project DP0666279 $300,000 Gender inequities in health research: towards a new regulatory framework B Bennett
W Rogers
I Karpin
ARC Discovery project DP0773141 $105,000 Consent in the void: moral, legal and community values in decisions about human biological donations
De Lacey, S
Rogers WA
Naffine, N
Braunack-Mayer, A
Richards, B
Ballantyne, A
ARC Linkage LP0775341 $84,000 Citizens' juries: enabling effective influenza pandemic policy through engagement with the community
Braunack-Mayer A,
Rogers W,
Moss J, Hiller J, Bi P,
Salter A, Givney R,
van Eyk H.
Criminology Research Council Seeding grant $11,000 Pilot for Criminological Research and Research Ethics Committees: Impact of Disciplinary Capture of the Regulatory Process Israel, Mark
Braunack-Mayer, Annette
Rogers, Wendy
Street, Jackie
Bellberry Ltd Project grant $15,835.60 Ethics of Communication Strategies in Pandemic Flu Plans W Rogers,
A Braunack-Mayer,
J Street
Ethics Centre of South Australia Project grant $ 5743.90 Academic integrity in publishing: supporting good practice W Rogers
J Street
2008-9 Flinders University Faculty of Health Sciences Partnership grant $50,000 Donations after Cardiac Death: ethical issues encountered by practitioners W Rogers
S de Lacey
2009 Macquarie University Faculty of Arts Multi-Disciplinary project grant $5,000
(Plus $5000 matching funds from ASAM / Avant)
Managing informed consent for surgical innovations W Rogers
M Lotz
C Mackenzie
D Meyerson
G Tomossy
C Townley
2010 Macquarie University Safety Net Scheme $18,986 Vulnerability, autonomy and justice C Mackenzie
W Rogers
2010 Macquarie University Linkage Projects Seeding Grants $8350 Innovative Surgery - Addressing Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Challenges W Rogers
T Eyers
J Johnson
Mianna Lotz
D Meyerson
G Tomossy
C Townley

Selected Publications

Scholarly books

  • W.A. Rogers and A.J. Braunack-Mayer, 2009, Practical Ethics for General Practice, second edition, Oxford University Press, New York.

Scholarly book chapters

  • W.A. Rogers, in press, 'Evidence-based Medicine', in R. Chadwick (ed), The Elsevier Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics second edition, Elsevier, Oxford: Chapter 112 (accepted 6 Jan 2010).
  • W.A. Rogers, in press, 'In the lion's den: teaching and assessing medical ethics', in I. Hay, I. (ed.) Learning with the World's Great University Teachers, Open University Press, London (accepted 14 July 2009).
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  • W.A. Rogers, 2008, 'Constructing a healthy population: tensions between individual responsibility and state-based beneficence' in B. Bennett, T. Carney and I. Karpin (eds), The Brave New World of Health, Federation Press, Sydney: pp 55-72.
  • W.A. Rogers and A. Ballantyne, 'Populacoes especiais: vulnerabilidade e protecao', in D. Diniz, A. Sugai, D. Guilhem and F Squinca (eds) Etica em Pesquisa Temas Globais, Letras Livres and Editora UnB: Brasilia DF 2008: pp123 - 152. ('Special Populations: Vulnerability and Protection' in Ethics and Research, global themes).
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  • W.A. Rogers, 2005, 'Evidence-based medicine and equity: the exclusion of disadvantaged groups', in R.ter Muelen, N. Biller-Adorno, C. Lenk, and R. Lie (eds), Evidence Based Practice in Medicine and Health Care: a discussion of the ethical issues, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg: pp 129-138.
  • W.A. Rogers, 2005, 'Ethics and policy in health care: status and prognosis', in S. Dawson and C. Sausman (eds),  Future Health Organizations and Systems, Palgrave Macmillan,Basingstoke, Hampshire: pp 165-184.

Refereed Journal articles

  • Braunack-Mayer AJ, Street JM, Rogers WA, Giveny R, Moss JR, Hiller JE and the FluViews team. Including the public in pandemic planning: a deliberative approach. BMC Public Health (accepted 19 July 2010).
  • Johnson J, Rogers W, Lotz M, Townley C, Meyerson D and Tomossy G. The ethical challenges of innovative surgery - a response to the IDEAL recommendations. Lancet (accepted 16 July 2010)
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  • Jane Johnson, DipArts Hons, BScArch Hons, Grad Cert (HE T&L) PhD
    Post-doctoral research fellow in clinical and public health ethics
    Jane's research focuses on the ethics of innovative surgery. She is currently working on two related projects; the first is developing a multi-disciplinary ARC Linkage project on the Ethics and Regulation of Innovative Surgery. Her role in the project is developing an account of the ethical issues raised by innovative surgery and the implications of these for regulation and practice. Her second area of research is investigating the potential contribution of an "Animals as Patients" model in addressing some of the ethical issues raised by innovative surgery. 

Current Students

PHD Students
  • Aydin Pourmoslem
    Thesis Title: Designing an ethical framework for innovative surgery in Australia
  • Ruby Catsanos
    Thesis title: The ethics of uterus transplants


External Appointments and Awards

1995 Peter Meffin Memorial Post-Graduate Research Award, Flinders University
2004 South Australian Young Tall Poppy Science Award
2007 Flinders University Vice Chancellor's award for excellence in teaching
2007 Carrick Institute Award for Teaching Excellence

Memberships and Committees

  • Membership secretary and ex-officio member: International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics Advisory Board
  • Fellow, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Member: Transplant Liaison Expert Advisory Committee of the Organ and Tissue Authority
  • Stream leader in clinical ethics and member: Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law
  • Deputy chair: Clinical Ethics Advisory Panel of NSW Department of Health
  • Member: South East Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service Clinical Ethics Committee
  • Member: Macquarie University Research Centres Scheme Committee
  • Chair: Philosophy Department Higher Degrees Research Committee
  • Member, Faculty of Arts Higher Degrees Research Committee
  • Member: Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics, Department of Philosophy