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Dr Noah Bassil

MHPIR - Noah BassilSenior Lecturer
Director, Centre for Middle East and North African Studies

Location: Building W6A Room 426
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Academic Qualifications:
PhD, Macquarie University, 2010: Thesis: "The Crisis of the African Post-Colonial State and the Conflict in Darfur"
BA (Hons), UNSW, 2002, Thesis: "Constructing and Deconstructing the Dark Continent: Colonial Representations of Africa"


Noah Bassil is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations and convenes the Centre for Middle East and North African Studies at Macquarie University.

Noah's scholarly interests include global political economy, colonialism and post-colonialism, and the political sociology of states in the Middle East and North Africa. Noah has published on a range of topics associated with colonialism and post-colonialism and recently published a book titled "The Crisis of the Sudanese Postcolonial State" which re-examines the origins of the conflict in Darfur by contextualizing events in Sudan within broader regional and international patterns of politics, economics and culture. Noah is currently researching into the global, regional and national power relations that have emerged following the Arab uprisings.

Noah has served as Faculty Director of the MRes Program (2013-2015) and Acting Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research (2015). He has also taught at Notre Dame University, Sydney and as a visiting academic at the Department of Politics and International Relations at Rhodes University, South Africa.

Work In Progress:

'Historicising "Western" Explanations of ISIS: Deconstructing Culturalist Constructs of Violence in the Middle East' with Govand Azeez (under review)

'Postcolonialism and International Political Economy: shall the twain ever meet' 

'After and Before the "Arab Spring": The Prevalence of Orientalism in Framing Middle East Revolutions'

Key Publications:

Bassil, N.R. (2013) The Crisis of the Post-Colonial Sudanese State: Origins of the Conflict in Darfur, London: I.B. Tauris and Co.

Book chapters

Bassil, N.R. (2014) 'The Political Strategy of Tribalism in Darfur' in Luca Aneschi and Gennaro Gervasio (eds.), Hidden Geographies: Informal Power in the Greater Middle East, Milton Park: Routledge.

Bassil, N.R. (2014) 'Beyond the Arab Spring: Hegemony, passive revolution and imperialism in the Arab Middle East' in Clark, B, Ghafar, A and Moritz, J, The Contemporary Middle East: Revolution or Reform, Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.

Bassil, N. (2010) 'The Regional Consequences of the Iraq War' in Lynda-Ann Blanchard and Leah Chan (eds.) Ending War, Building Peace, Sydney: Sydney University Press, pp. 65-84.

Bassil, N. (2010) 'Colonial Constructions of Race in Sudan' in Joseph Pugliese, Relational Dis/locations: Mediterranean Cultures in Translocal and Transnational Contexts, Brussels: Peter Lang Publishers, 2010, pp. 85-104.     

Journal Articles

Bassil, N. R. (2014) 'Review Article: Severity and Longevity of Civil Wars reconsidered' Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, 26 (3), pp. 452-456.

Bassil, N.R. (2011) 'The Roots of Afropessimism: The British Invention of the Dark Continent', Critical Arts: A Journal South-North Cultural Studies (special edition Afropessimism) editors, Louw, E. and Boulou de B'beri, 25 (3), pp. 377-97.

Bassil N.R. (2006) 'A Brief History of the Keira Sultanate of Dar Fur, Western Sudan,' Journal of North African Studies, 11 (4), pp. 347-64.

Other Publications

Bassil, N. and Lawson, S. (2011) 'Area Studies in a Postcolonial Age: The Case of Melanesia', Pacific Islands Political Studies Association (PIPSA) Biennial Conference, December 8-9, University of the South Pacific, Apia, Samoa.

'Political Transformations in Northern Africa 1900-1945' in ABC-Clio Encyclopaedia of World History, 2009.

Bassil, N. (2012) 'The Middle East and North Africa in Revolt', Australian Options, 68, pp. 27-30.

Bassil, N. (2011) 'Australia in Afghanistan: from US partners to partnering Afghanistan, Australian Options, 66, pp.3-9.   

Bassil, N. (2010) 'Opinion: The 2010 Sudanese Elections', The Australasian Review of African Studies, 31 (1) June, 2010, pp. 138-140.

Bassil, N. (2010) 'Israel: International Rogue?' AQ: Journal of Contemporary Australian Studies, Vol. 81, (1).   

'Historicising "Western" Explanations of ISIS: Deconstructing Culturalist Constructs of Violence in the Middle East' with Govand Azeez (under review)

'Postcolonialism and International Political Economy: shall the twain ever meet'

'After and Before the "Arab Spring": The Prevalence of Orientalism in Framing Middle East Revolutions'

Current Units
Semester One
POL108 Introduction to Global Politics

Semester Two:
IRPG849 International Political Economy
POL303 Global Political Economy

Past Teaching:
Noah has convened units on the Politics of Terrorism, Europe and Islam, International Relations of the Middle East, Globalization and the North South, Theories of Imperialism, and Ideology and Politics.

2012, Vice-Chancellor's Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning: Macquarie University.
2011, Award for Teaching Excellence: Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University.
2007, Higher Degree Research Award: Division of Humanities, Macquarie University.

HDR Completions:
Govand Azeez, 'Denying the Right to Resist""' (PhD).

HDR Supervisions:

Courtney Hercus, 'The Contradictions of Global Governance from a Historical materialist perspective' (PhD). (Submitted February, 2015)

Carla Nolan, 'The Influence of the "Arab Spring" on Australian Arabs' (PhD). (Submitted February 2015)

Marisa Della Gatta 'The Role of Syria's Diaspora Communities in the Syrian Conflict (PhD)

Cameron Smith, 'The Political Economy of Racial Politics in Australia' (PhD)

Tayyibe Armagan  'Politics of Flows and Control in the MENA: The Turkish Model as an Instrument of Control in the Face of Arab Spring.' (PhD)

Public Appearances

Noah has commented in the media (2BL, Bloomberg, Asia News, Sky News Australia, Voice of America, SBS, ABC News24, 2SER) on a range of issues including Sudan, the Arab uprisings, Israel-Palestine, and most recently on the Islamic State. Some of these interviews and commentaries are available at the Centre for Middle East and North African Studies website at Since January 2011, Noah speaks each week on 3CR radio program "Solidarity Radio" on issues ranging from events in the Arab world to the politics of neoliberalism.  
Noah has appeared as an expert speaker at numerous public events including Politics in the Pub, Sydney, the Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition and the Australian Human Rights Arts Festival.

Noah has also published on the public affairs website The Conversation