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The study of politics is concerned with the nature of power and related issues of justice and injustice. The discipline has conventionally been divided into the study of politics within states (often referred to as political science), and the study of politics in the international sphere (conventionally referred to as International Relations or IR). This distinction, however, is a fairly artificial one and tends to mask the very complex pattern of interactions between the two spheres. 

The units offered in Politics and International Relations generally take account of such complexities while providing focused units on a range of topics and issues in both branches of the discipline. Politics and International Relations combines well with broader humanities and social science programs such as history, philosophy, sociology, communications, economics and law and is a useful addition to a business studies program.

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Centre for Middle East and North African Studies and the Department of Modern History, Politics & International Relations

Presents Professor Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Al Omary and Professor Ali Ibrahim Al-Namlah from Al Imam Mohammed Bin Saud University, Saudi   Arabia

"East meets West: A case of Orientalism meets  Occidentalism?"

Date: Wednesday 26 March

Time: 10am-12pm

Location: W6B357



Our units are offered in 2 new majors

New Major in Public Policy, Law and Governance offered 

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New Major in Political Economy and Social Policy
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