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Dr Niko Antalffy

Niko AntalffyLecturer

Office: W6A/822
Phone: (61 2) 9850 7095
Fax No: (61 2) 9850 6897

Nikó Antalffy teaches in the areas of introductory social science, philosophy of science and sociology of the environment. Her research interests are emerging technologies, Critical Theory of science and technology, and alternative relationship cultures.

Her current research investigates the task and tools of sociology of science and the politics of Science Studies. Another project in the making looks at polyamorous relationships cultures and how children fare in such households. She writes for and regularly gets interviewed in the media on polyamory and relationship cultures and has done work on an SBS series. She's available to talk to the media on both of these topics as well as the societal implications of emerging technologies, including geo-engineering, environmental technologies, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Previously Nikó worked on an ARC project at UNSW on the sociology of a large scientific organisation and taught and designed curricula at Sydney University, UNSW and Notre Dame from 2002-2010. She also has a degree in higher education and is passionate about teaching and learning. Between 2005-2011 she was also a photographer and regularly exhibited artwork and curated exhibitions. Currently she's working with sexual minorities in raising awareness and fighting against discrimination.



Journal Articles
(Forthcoming) Antalffy, N. and Houston, D. Polyamory, entry in the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies.
(Forthcoming) Banki, P. and Antalffy, N. Non-Normative Heterosexuality: Is There Such a Thing? in Writing from Below.
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2009 Turnbull, N and Antalffy, N. Grounding sociological studies of science, sociologically: Bourdieu's sociology of science, in Sociological Review, 57:4, 547-566.

Papers and reviews
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2004 Synthesis in critical STS: theory and praxis, UNSW.
2003 Interdisciplinarity in Science Studies, discussant in the MQ Interdisciplinarity Workshop with Nico Stehr.
2003 Paradigm - a malleable concept? UNSW.
2002 Getting critical - theoretical diagnostics for SSK and ANT. EASST Conference in York, UK.
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