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Associate Professor Amanda Wise

Amanda WiseAssociate Professor 
Office: W6A/833 
Phone: (02) 9850 8835

Amanda's research interests include global cities and diversity; materialities, civilities, and 'sensibilities' of urban life; multiculturalism and 'lived diversity' (especially 'everyday multiculturalism') in Australia and Singapore; race and interethnic relations; cultural attachments to and formations of place, especially in relation to multicultural cities; national and cultural identities; diasporic, transnational and migrant communities; labour mobility in and from Asia; and experiences of low wage migrant labourers in Australia and Asia. 

She has held a number of large Australian Research Council Grants and has extensive experience in advising and undertaking commissioned research for government on issues of diversity and strategies to tackle racism. Amanda has supervised numerous PhD projects on topics surrounding everyday multiculturalism, transnational and diasporic communities, global cities, and migrant settlement

Current and recent ARC projects:

Everyday Multiculturalism at Work: Australia and Singapore Compared (2012-2015)
Transnational Affect among Temporary 457 Visa workers from India (2006-8)



Inhabiting Multiculturalism. Manuscript in progress.
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2006 Exile & Return Among the East Timorese. University of Pennsylvania Press.

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Journal Articles
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