Gender Studies

Gender Studies

Women's Studies, Gender and Sexuality



"To think with an enlarged mentality 
means that one trains one's imagination
to go visiting"
- Hannah Arendt.
Image reproduced with the kind
permission of photographer, Attila Feszt.

The Macquarie University Interdisciplinary Women's Studies, Gender and Sexuality (IWS) program is the coordinating centre for research, teaching and community work in gender, feminist and women's studies.  We run undergraduate programs in women's studies, gender and sexuality, offer postgraduate degrees and support staff and student research.

About the Women's Studies, Gender and Sexuality Program

We run an interdisciplinary undergraduate teaching program, and offer units  and a major in Women's Studies, Gender and Sexuality in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSci). There is a Graduate Diploma available and we also offer postgraduate research degrees (MPhil and PhD).

We are hosted by the Department of Sociology. We provide a base for research into feminist and gender studies for staff and students at Macquarie, and offer up-to-date, on-line information.

What is Gender Studies and What Can You Do With It?