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The Department of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (PICT) operates as a high-level, cross-disciplinary postgraduate centre offering postgraduate courses, occasional expert seminars and opportunities for research in the many areas associated with security studies.

The department draws together senior academics and leading industry professionals specialising in research, theory and practice associated with security, protecting both the national interest and the rights of individuals and groups within society.

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  • Course Announcement
    PICT is excited to announce a new stream of undergraduate Criminology courses has commenced in 2013. Undergraduates may now enrol in PICT101 Introduction to Criminology and PICT102 Policing and Crime. Both subjects can be studied either as Bachelor of Arts electives or as foundation units for an Arts Criminology Major.

    Drawing on the experience and expertise of new critical criminology scholars and policing experts, including former Police Commissioners, military and intelligence services personnel, and in conjunction with the Departments of Law and Sociology, the new criminology program offers undergraduates a dynamic and comprehensive syllabus that covers a range of criminological issues including crimes such as street violence; homicide, and crimes of the powerful; the institutions of the criminal justice system (particularly the role and strategies of the police), as well as the functions of the courts and prison systems.

    This new course provides students with the opportunity to analyse issues and debates relevant to contemporary criminology, and to form a detailed understanding of the forces shaping crime and justice in the 21st century.  

  • For more information about the courses contact: PICT Student Services at Phone: +61 2 9850 1420, Fax: +61 2 9850 1440
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