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Professor Kathryn Millard

Professor of Film and Creative Arts                                                                                                   

Professor Kathryn Millard


Office: Y3A 252

Phone: (02) 9850 2253

Undergraduate Teaching: MAS202MAS314, 

Postgraduate Teaching: MMCCS901


Kathryn is a filmmaker and essayist with a body of work that is internationally recognised and highly awarded. 

Kathryn is Research Leader for MMCCS's newly established Creative Ecologies Lab, a research space for innovation in screen, performance and writing.

Her current research, supported by an Australian Research Council Discovery grant held with social psychologists Steven Reicher and Alex Haslam, reinterprets Stanley Milgram's 'Obedience to Authority' experiments through the prism of film.

In 2012, Kathryn was Visiting Fellow in Film Studies at Yale University. She has been awarded fellowships by the National Screen and Sound Archive, the Tyron Guthrie (Ireland), Varuna Writers' Centre and the NSW Film and Television Office. 

A Series Editor for Palgrave's new Screenplay Studies series, Kathryn is a member of the Editorial Board for Intellect's Journal of Screenwriting.

Random 8 (2012) her semi-improvised digital feature won awards at Mexico International Film Festival and Lucerne International Film Festival. The Boot Cake (2008), her AWGIE  (Australian Writers' Guild Award) nominated feature-documentary about Chaplin imitators in India, was described by Chaplin's biographer David Robinson as 'an astonishing testament to the far-reaching influence of silent film.'

Kathryn's other films include the AFI (Australian Film Institute) award-winning features Travelling Light (2003) and Parklands (1996) with Cate Blanchett in her first film role and the documentary Light Years (1992) about the work of Australian photographer Olive Cotton.  Her films have been theatrically released via art house cinemas and screened at dozens of major festivals around the globe.

As well as film, Kathryn works as a dramaturg, most notably on Noelle Janaczewska's award-winning stage plays. She has written and presented specials on design, visual arts and screen culture for ABC Radio National.

She holds a Doctorate of Creative Arts (1998) and an M.A. in Applied History (1993) from the University of Technology, Sydney. Prior to working in academia, Kathryn worked for screen culture organisations including the Australian Documentary Conference and the SA Media Resource Centre.

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Research Interests

I am interested in supervising research degrees in the following areas; creativity and collaboration, psychology and film, screenwriting, digital writing, screen performance, independent cinema, screen history, non-fiction, colour theory, visual culture, creative practices. More broadly - the creative arts and interdisciplinary research topics.  

Selected Publications and Productions


Millard, K., Screenwriting in A Digital Era, Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming, March 2014.

'Brilliant...a book for the future of cinema and all screen media,' Prof. Adrian Martin, Goethe University, Germany.

Book Chapters 

Millard K., 'Documentary in the age of the remix', in After the Event: New Perspectives on Art History, eds. John Potts and Charles, Merewether, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2010, pp.163-173

Millard, K., 'The Screenplay as Prototype' in Screenplay Analysis, ed. Jill Nelmes, Oxford, Routledge, 2010, pp.142-157

Millard, K., 'Beyond the Pale: Colour and Suburbs' in Beasts of Suburbia: Re-Interpreting Cultures in Australian Suburbs, eds. Ferber, Healy and McAuliffe,   Melbourne, Melbourne University, 1994

Journal Articles

Millard K.  'Revisioning Obedience: Exploring the role of Milgram's skills as a filmmaker in bringing his shocking narrative to life' in eds. Miller,Haslam and Reicher, Journal of Social Issues, forthcoming, 2014

Millard, K. 'A Screenwriters' Reality Hunger', Text Special Issue 18: NonFiction Now, October, 2013

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Millard, K, 'Beyond the Gospel of Story: Writing for the Screen' in Scan (Special Issue on Cinematic Scriptwriting) Vol. 3 (2) 2006 

 Creative Works 

Millard, K., Writer/Producer/Director, Random 8, Feature Drama/Documentary, DVD, Ronin Films, 2013.

Millard, K., 'Character Drift', Short Literary Essay, Wet Ink, March, 2011, pp.56-61 

Millard, K., Script Dramaturg, LBF, Micro-budget Feature Film, written, produced and directed by Alex Munt, 2011

Millard, K., Writer/Producer/Director, The Boot Cake, Feature-length Essay Film, DVD Ronin Films, 2008.  

Millard K. Dramaturg, Songket,, Full-length Play, written by Noelle Janaczewska, The Studio, Sydney Opera House/Griffith Theatre Company, 2003

Millard, K, Writer/Director Travelling Light, Feature Drama, 2003

Millard, K, Writer/Director Parklands, Feature Drama, 1996

Millard, K, Writer/Producer/Director, Light Years, One-Hour Documentary, 1991

Millard, K, Dramaturg and Film Director (Visual Projections), The History of Water, Full-length Play, written by Noelle Janaczewska, Sydney Theatre Company, Theatre of Ottawa/Canadian Museum of Photography, 1991

Millard, K, Writer, Orchestrations in Light, One-Hour Audio Documentary, ABC Radio National, 1990

Millard K. Researcher/Director, Olive Cotton Archival Film, One-Hour Film, National Film and Sound Archive, 1990

Millard K, Writer/Producer/Director, Point of Departure, One-Hour Dramatised Documentary Film, ABC, 1987