Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Current Higher Degree Research Projects

Angel, Susan

Retracing the Tragedy Track

Avieson, Bunty

The voice of The Dragon: Launching a newspaper in Bhutan

Ayyar, Mohan

Bharathanatyam Composition

Bau, Valentina

Communication for Development as a Tool for Peace-Building and Reconciliation

Bauder, Amy

A critical history of Australian country music

Berry, Vanessa

Cataloguing Sydney:  Blogging and the classification of urban experience

Blumberg, Sandra

Definition, Development, and Practice of Intercultural Communication Competence: Case Studies in the Australian Corporate Section.

Booker, Emily

Children, Television and new technologies: How children engage with and use narratives in televisual content

Bruining, Dennis

Transgender and Corporeality

Burgess, Noel

The sound of memory: A compositional framework to interpret digital memories.

Burrell, Gillian

The Promise of Memory

Cameron, Neil

Music of the Anglican Church of Sydney 1869-1962

Chou, Yu-Ling

Trans/forming images in Taiwan

Cox, James

The Architects of Culture: Shared Listening Histories in Hip Hop Outside of America

Davis, Anthony

Point of View in the Novel

Davis, Rhonda

Central Street Gallery 1966-1970.

Dawson, Victoria

Narrative Construction in Biographical Non-Fiction Film

Dean, Jasmine

Bollywood Middle Cinema: A Critical History

Dynon, Nicholas

Contending discourses of corporate social responsibility in contemporary China

Ely-Harper, Kerreen

Phenomenology of volunteerism

Evans, Sandy

Carnatic Jazz intercultural music in Australia: creating new music for improvisers featuring the saxophone

Fletcher, David-Jack

Techno-patriarch's assault on the feminine:  Representations of the feminine in post 1970's sci-fi cinema

Gabriel, Jamie

Analysis of Keith Jarrett Trio Solos.

Ghosh, Shruti

Performance and the Performing Body: Choreography in Popular Hindi Film (1930s-1990s)

Gibson, Janet

(Not) saying it right:  dementia 'Tellino' theatre

Gilberthorpe, Joel

Derrida on translation

Gilfillan, Emily

Managing choreographic processes: A case study of professional contemporary dance practices in Australia.

Grant, Patrick

The Unfinished Comics: Process & Poetics in Cartooning

Groom, Dean

Conceptions and motivations of parents towards networked video games for early years children.

Gunn, Rachael

Becoming B-girl in the Sydney breaking scene

Hapsari, Twediana Budi

Audience Segmentation in Indonesian Moslem Society

Hoad, Catherine

Power, masculinity and nationhood in heavy metal music

Irwin, Hannah

'Up the Airy Mountain, Down the Rushy Glen': Psychogeography and the Influence of Celtic Fairy Lore

James, Gareth

The political significance of South Korean cinema

Kelloway, Larissa

Pilates methodology and the posture and vocal quality of singers.

Keogh, Brent

Analyzing World Music Discourse in Australia

Knight, Kathryn

"Exile on Main Street"

Kramer, Jillian

Infrastructure of colonial war:  White regimes of power and the northern territory emergency response

Lemon-McMahon, Belinda

Pedagogical influences on vocal identity and the singing voice in popular culture musics.

Lewandowski, Natalie

Behind-the-sounds: the evolution of film soundtrack roles in Australia and New Zealand

Lewis, Mark

Polytonality and Jazz.

Li, Fangjun

China's music industry: Evolution, development and convergence

Li, Weijia

A comparison of deconstructionism in western and eastern culture.

Lohrey, Amanda

Postsecular Narratives in Contemporary Fiction and Cinema

Luo, Huaiyu

A Comparative Study of Contemporary Western Narrative Theory and Chinese Narrative Thoughts During the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Lyons, Siobhan

Literary Celebrity from Romanticism to Twenty-first Century Mass Media

Macdonald, Paul

Genocide in the Media: How lens and page shape our view of humanity's darkest hours

Mairata, James

Prizing the Popular: The Poetics, Cognitive Strategies & Emotion System at Owrk in the Films Directed by Steven Spielberg

Manoharan, Pravina

The Development of Temple Music in Malaysia.

Mees, Cleo

Reading (is writng, is discovering) a City: A Study of the Essay Film, Reader Response and Greater Sydney

Mesker, Alex

Music composition in Hanna Barbera films 1960-1975

Milani, Ehsan

'I participate therefore I am': A comparative analysis of interactivity and deliberative practices in online news journals

Mobbs, Belinda

The feminine body in contemporary media texts

Monro, Veronica

Investigating the musical creativities of the singer-songwriter.

Moore, David

Songwriting, voice, identity and authenticity

Morrison, Glenn

Place, Reconciliation and the Australian Writer.

Muda, Suhaini

Sustaining collaborative partnership in an ICT-based community service organisation to empower children in orphanages: Perspectives form multiple stakeholders

Muscat, Tanya

Representations in News: an Ethnographic Study of the Production Process in Commercial Television.

O'Grady, Patrick

Studio-based songwriting

Palombo, Lara

The racial camp and the production of the political citizen: a genealogy of contestation.

Papadimitriou, David

Abandoned Meanings: The Unexpected Themes and Intensities of American Suburbia

Patrickson, Bronwin

Narrative in computer games, mixed-media storytelling

Pavlovic, Mirko

Framing & Conflict: Bosnia's Constituent Peoples and Issues of Power, Demand, Foreign Influence & Leadeship

Pelarek, Terry

MIAS, Gesture-controlled Virtual Analogue Synthesis in Contemporary Dance

Peltz, Philipp

Artist-Entrepreneurship in the Digital Recording Industry - Emergence, Practices and Implications

Prodanovic, Branka

Gender Politics in Media Representations of Ethniciity

Ryan, Robert

Does censorship make for a more decent society?

Sherriff, Adrian

The application and practice of South Indian rhythmic principles within improvisatory musical contexts

Simpson, Sarah

Metaphysics and the feature screenplay - Can film really be Philosophy?

Small, Virginia

"Are you the real McCoy?" An historical analysis of the commercial and Fourth Estate identities of Australian newspapers and their framing of the "Bali Nine" and the "Bali Bombers"

Springett, Selina

Listening to Country: Deep Mapping: Sonic Cortogrpahy and Locative Media in Urban Australia

Strazzullo, Guy

World Jazz guitar fusion: A critical approach to intercultural improvisation

Sully, Andrew

The Audiovisual Documentation of Investigation  of Cases of Political Violence.

Thornton, Daniel

The identification within Australian culture of the musical parameters that defind corporate expressions of worship

Tran, Anh Khoa

Asian Cinema: A history of displacement.

Vidler, Steven

The role of empathy in constructing meaning in narrative film

Walker, Clinton

Reverse Crossover: Robert Stigwood's Greatest Hits

White, Kyra

The femme fatale in post war film noir

Xue, Hui

Internet governance and institutional convergence

Ye, Hongyu

A Comparison of Developments in Chinese and Australian Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century

Zorbas, Danielle

Dostoyevsky's The Double; an improvised film