Department of International Studies: Languages and Cultures

French and Francophone Studies

Are you a beginner, or have you studied the language before?

Are you looking at expanding your general knowledge of French language and culture, for your personal satisfaction?

Do you feel like improving your professional prospects by combining French with another area of study?

Do you want to make French the focus of your university program by pursuing a major in a degree such as the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of International Studies, or in a combined degree with an Arts or an International Studies component?

Do you wish to study overseas as part of your Macquarie award?

Do you want the experience of on-campus study as an internal student, or do you prefer a more flexible approach as an external student?

Whatever your reasons, when you study with us, you will find a package that suits your needs. Students who do not wish to study French as part of a degree may pursue a diploma instead, or enrol in single units (as non-award students), as long as relevant prerequisites have been met. Some units have no prerequisites at all.

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