Department of Anthropology

Current PhD Theses

Recent Doctoral Research Submissions

Student Name Thesis Title
SUMANT BADAMI The Ant Knows its Way: Paniya negotiations with death, place and belonging
MONICA DALIDOWICZ Learning Kathak: Apprenticeship in the Guru-Shishya Parampara
CAROLINE GRILLOT Trans-frontiers marriages between Vietnamese women and Chinese men
NIPHATTRA HARITAVORN Why do they call me Khiya?: Gender and identity construction amongst people injecting drugs in Thailand
JOHANES HERLIJANTO Chinese Politics of Development in Post-Cold War Indonesia.
VICTORIA LOBLAY Embodied Encounters with Reproductive Technologies: Constellations of sexual difference and the boundaries of knowledge in the clinic
YUNXIA LI A "Proper" Cultivation of Akha ?- A Study of Rubber Tree Plantation in China/Loas border area.
CASIMIR MACGREGOR Ideologies of the Body: An Ethnography of Biotechnology Governance and Bioethics in Human Embryonic Stem Cell and Cloning Research in Australia.
PAUL MASON Fighting for peace of mind: A cross-cultural survey of fight-dancing in Indonesia and Brazil
DENG RUI Dynamics of Social Change and HIV Vulnerability in SW China.
ANUPOM ROY Biomedicine and chronic illness: Insight into the experiences of Bangladeshi sufferers with chronic respiratory illness
DOUANGPHET SAYANOUSO Changing lives: Development and reproductive health amongst the Akha, an Ethnic minority group in Northwest Laos
GUY THRELFO They don't look like refugees: The presentation of "refugeeness" among Liberians in exile
MERRIDEN VARRALL Chinese Development Aid in Venezuela
JUAN ZHANG Paradoxical perceptions and inchoate identities: Chinese cross-border migration in the Greater-Mekong sub-region

Current Doctoral Research

Student Name Thesis Title
Bilal, Muhammad Politics of Islamic Fundamentalism and Cultural Imperialism: A Study of Identity Politics and
its Impact on Institutional Development
Bowan, Gillian Becoming Cosmopolitan: Transformations of Identity Among Indian University Students
Durage, Anton Piyarathne Deegalla Ethic identities vs "National identites": The problems and dynamics of national identity
creation in Sri Lanka.
Fisher, Sheree The Rise of Rollergirl: Community and the Global Imagery of Sex, Gender and the Self in Flat
Track Roller Derby
Harwood, Max 'Man Made': Kemalism, Islam and its effect on Turkish masculinity.
Irving, Lisa Secret, shameful and risky pleasures: a comparative study of unmarried Muslims' sexuality and reproductive health in Singapore and Australia.
Keil, Paul Human-Elephant Entanglements: An ethnographic analysis of mahout-elephant working units mediating human elephant conflict in Assam, North-East India
Keskin-Joppien, Charlotte Municipal politics in Turkey and the ruling party AKP - a comparative research in two central Anatolian cities.
McDougall, Lindy Joan Reproductive medical innovations, desire, and gender in multicultural Australia
Montalvo Chaves, Angeles Performative Construction of Citizenship
Rickson, Joseph Practices Of Power And The Politics Of Difference: Jinghpaw Wunpawng (Essence)On The Thai/Burma Border
Scott, David Pictures in an Exhibition: Art, Agency and the role of Exhibition in Generating Social Discourse
Scott, Gwendolyn Corporate Australian and Australian government policies regarding Muslim women employees
Sharma, Nila Developing a demographic and social profile of South Asian Communities in Sydney since the 1960s
Stockey-Bridge, Michaela Australian Intended Parents and Commercial Surrogacy in Northern India
Westendorp, Mariske Guanyin versus Mary in Chinese state controlled society

Recent Theses

Student Name Thesis Title
BOXALL, Fiona The New Age of Corporate Management: Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine.'
COHEN, Anjalee Youth Culture in Northern Thailand
DEGER, Jennifer 'Shimmering Screens: Mimesis, Media and a Vision of a Yolngu Aboriginal Modernity'
EVERETT, Kristina 'Impossible Realities:  Indigenous and Non-indigenous Relationships in a Sydney Aboriginal Community'
GIBSON, Lorraine Articulating Culture(s): Being Black in Wilcannia
HADDON, Malcolm The Nectar of Translation: Conversion, Mimesis and Cultural Translation in Krishna Consciousness'.
LYNCH, Tim Memories of Ritual Child Abuse in Satanic Cults in Australia
Maud, Jovan The Sacred Borderland: The State, a Buddhist Saint and Transnational Religion in Southern Thailand
MOLLAND, Sverre Economic pleasures and pleasure economies: purchasing sex along the Melcong
MONCHAMP, Anne Marie Memory, Categorization and Language: Cognition and Culture in Bilingual Wallpiri Aboriginal Children
ONNUDOTTIR, Helena Claiming Inheritance Aboriginal People, Native Title and Cultural Heritage: a Story from Dubbo New South Wales
Sakboon, Mukdawan Citizenship and Education as the Basis for National Integration of Ethic Minorities in Northern Thailand
SPENCER, Rochelle 'Encountering Development, Rethinking Tourism: The Convergence of Development and Tourism'
WARDELL, Martina Indigenous Education, Christianity, and Community at Woolaning Homeland Christian College
WISS, Rosemary Tryst Troppo sex, tourism, relationships (Puerto Galera, The Philippines)