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Master of Global Health and Development Studies

Tabuik PaulPanjat Pinang Batusangkar Paul

The Master in Global Health and Development Studies (MGHDS) at Macquarie University provides students with a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills and training in the fields of global health and development. Committed to research and teaching at the intersections of anthropology, development studies, human geography and global health, our goal is to train and equip scholars and practitioners with the knowledge and innovative skills needed to address development and health related issues in our globalized world. The Master of Global Health and Development Studies program replaces the Master of Development Studies and Culture Change program. We are currently redeveloping the previous Master of Applied Anthropology degree into a two-year program that will be starting in 2016.

Students in the MGHDS program take foundational classes in development, research methodology, medical anthropology and applied anthropology. Students choose a specialisation in Development Studies or Global Health (see the description under the degree structure) and complete an applied, research driven project. The Global Health specialisation teaches you the theories and methods for understanding the complex ways health and disease intersect with culture, society, history and political-economic forces. The Development Studies specialisation teaches you the diverse theories, methods and relationships that seek analyse and/or bring about targeted change in the lives of people around the world.

Our program involves both comprehensive coursework and applied research experience, enabling students to gain experience with a project from its initial formulation to completion. This research focus enables students to gain valuable hands-on experience in ethnographic or social impact assessment methodologies, both increasingly sought after skills in global health and development careers within government, NGOs, the private sector, research and multilateral organizations.


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