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Coptology, the study of Coptic language, literature, and culture and the Egyptian church, has traditionally been considered an appendix of Egyptology, with Egyptologists being mainly interested in the language side, or a minor subject within the vast field of religious studies. However, this important subject deserves to be studied in its own right, and this is precisely what is happening at Macquarie University.

Macquarie University is the ideal environment for Coptic Studies. The unique placing of First Millennium Egypt at the intersection of many fields is mirrored by the university's strengths in Egyptology, Late Antiquity, Greek papyrology, and Early Christian Studies. All these areas are represented in the Department of Ancient History and the manifold teaching, research and community outreach activities in Ancient Cultures here at Macquarie.

Macquarie offers two dedicated degrees in Coptic Studies, the Master of Arts and the Postgraduate Certificate in Coptic Studies. A variety of other study options are available for postgraduate, undergraduate and research students (including obtaining a Ph.D. in Coptic Studies) and for an interested general audience. What makes this program even more exceptional, though, is that can be completed entirely online. All degrees and study options except the PhD are available online both to students Australia-wide and to international students. Lectures and course materials are delivered to the students via the internet through a virtual lecture theatre and a virtual library. The assignments and essays are submitted, marked and returned electronically through a virtual tutorial.

At the centre of teaching and research in Coptic Studies here at Macquarie is the great age of Egyptian Christianity with several courses in Coptic language from beginning to advanced Coptic and thematic units on history, art, archaeology, literature and monasticism. Teaching Bohairic Coptic, the liturgical language of the present-day Coptic Orthodox Church, which traces its historical and cultural roots back to this era, is also part of the teaching program.


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