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What's new at SSEC 

Lecture: Professor Emeritus Dr Lawrence Geraty
Date: Sat, 16 August. 
Time: 3:30pm
Venue: Ladies' chapel, Avondale College (opposite the main church).  582 Freemans Dr, Cooranbong NSW 2265   
Cost: unknown
Parking: Abundant and free.

You are invited to hear Professor Emeritus Dr Lawrence Geraty's forthcoming lecture on his most important archaeological discoveries.  Prof. Geraty is a former president of the American Schools of Oriental Research. He did his doctoral studies under G. E. Wright and Frank Moore Cross at Harvard. He has led several digs in the Middle East.

Further details: Avondale College or Noman Young (member of SSEC)


Ancient Greek Music Today

Ancient Greek Music Today

The Vault Performance Space and Greek Bilingual Bookshop at
837 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill
, presents an illustrated
talk on

by Dr Alfred Vincent,
on Saturday 23 August 2014 at 7 for 7.30 pm
with live performance by Kiriaki and Dimitris Koubaroulis. In ancient times, as now, Greece was a land of music. Greeks sang and played instruments at religious ceremonies, in the theatres, at social gatherings, and to accompany everyday activities. But, of course, they left no sound recordings. So what do we know about ancient music? How do modern musicians read and interpret the surviving ancient melodies? The talk, in English, will be illustrated by coloured slides and samples of ancient music performed live and on CD. Join in a 2000-year-old song at the end!
Entry: $10 at the door. Nibbles included. Café open before the talk.
Further info: or (02) 9559 4424.


August event - information on "Judging Augustus"

Judging Augustus

Where: Y3A T1, Macquarie University
When: Tuesday 19 August 2014  
Time: 7:05 - 8:30 pm
Light Refreshments served upon arrival. 

What type of man was Augustus? Assessments vary - in the extreme. On August 19th, the Society for the Study of Early Christianity (SSEC) and the Macquarie Ancient History Association (MAHA) will come together to contemplate this question.

Macquarie at Fifty and Augustus at 2000. A Debate on the Merits of Augustus and a celebration of the Discipline of Ancient History at Macquarie. August 19th, 2014 marks the bimillenium of the death of Augustus Caesar, often labelled Rome's first emperor. Augustus also happens to be one of the principal research interests of Professor Emeritus Edwin Judge, the Founding Father of Ancient History at Macquarie University. The first lecture in Ancient History delivered at the University was Edwin Judge's inaugural lecture in "Augustan Rome".  We shall open with an observation of the contested images of Augustus, and then scholars will debate, in the time-honoured tradition of History, the merits of the man. The merits of Ancient History at Macquarie will be celebrated - without debate!


  • Associate Professor Tom Hillard, 'Anniversaries, Ancient & Modern'
  • Dr Peter Keegan, 'Augustus on the Big and Little Screen'
  • Dr Rosalinde Kearsley 'The Achievements of Augustus'
  • Associate Professor Kathryn Welch, 'Deconstructing Octavian'
  • Mr Ian Grady, 'Augustus@Macquarie'

To be followed (time permitting) by Q&A. This Event is Free. A formal RSVP is not required but we would be grateful if you go to the MQ Events
Or copy the following address into your brwoser address line 

and register your expectation of attendance. This will assist with catering. Thank You. Please Note: Parking fees apply until 8:00 pm   

Further information on this event is available from the information for circulation document.  (PDF 119KB)

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Disclaimer. SSEC Newsletter Editors' Note: "The Society takes no position on the intellectual content of papers and articles."
"The unique emphasis of our Society is one of history. The study of Early Christianity in its Jewish and Graeco Roman Setting." Prof Alanna Nobbs has asked for this disclaimer to be added to all SSEC correspondence eg SSEC eNewsletters, SSEC website & SSEC facebook etc.


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