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SSEC is an organisation based in Sydney NSW Australia at the Macquarie University. If you want to know more about us & our background then view the web page about us.

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What's new at SSEC  

Tiberius Caesar Augustus  SSEC Annual Conference May 2014

Theme - "Christ or Caesar: Render Unto Caesar?"

  • Thursday evening Conference Curtain Raiser 1 May 2014  

  • Day Conference on Saturday 3 May 2014

Register now.    SSEC Conference Registration Form/Program  (PDF 256Kb) is now available.  Register now.

Details have been loaded onto the SSEC Annual Conference 2014 Website.    

Details of our speakers and their topics and abstracts (where provided) have also loaded on the SSEC Conference Proceedings 2014 website.   Further details will be added as they become available. 


  • Note: if a valid email address is provided then an email confirmation will be sent from the SSEC office to assure you that we have received your registration form with payment.
  • Note: If you require a paper receipt  (and you have ticked the box on the form),  then these will be available for you to collect on the morning of the conference.


SSEC Event June 2014

13 JUNE 2014


Speaker:  Dr Jeremy Hultin, (Murdoch University) Topic: What's in a Name? The Name Symeon Peter (Συμέων Πέτρος) in 2 Peter 1:1.

Bio: Dr Jeremy Hultin (Lecturer in New Testament at Murdoch University) is an internationally recognized figure in the field of biblical studies.  Having taught for a decade at Yale Divinity School before coming to Murdoch in 2012, he is currently writing a commentary on Jude and 2 Peter for the prestigious Hermeneia series and producing a translation and introduction of Hippolytus's Commentary on Daniel for the Texts and Translations from the Greco-Roman World series published by the Society of Biblical Literature.

Date & Time confirmed.

Bring your lunch.  Coffee & tea will be provided by SSEC.  No need to RSVP just turn up.

W6A 308 (doc centre) No charge during lunchtime - Donation appreciated.


SSEC: Membership - Due now

Annual Membership Fees 

Note: Fees have not increased for approximately 20 years.

Annual Membership is payable by the end of February annually.   SSEC Membership gives a discount at the SSEC Activities and a Newsletter is forwarded three times a year. 

A Yellow (or pink or green) renewal form will be posted with the March copy of the Newsletter annually. Reminders will also be sent with the June Newsletter.

If you would like to become a new member of the society (or if you would like to renew) then print out a membership form in PDF format (PDF 68KB) . 

Table 1: SSEC Membership Fee Structure
  Category Price p.a.
SSEC Annual Membership Fees
  Ordinary Members AUD $30
  Family Rate AUD $35


(Pension not senior, or full-time student)

AUD $15
The SSEC office is only open on a part time basis, and manned by volunteers.



SSEC 2014 Activities and monthly events for remainder of 2014

Still being finalised - but some dates are available now.



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