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SSEC: Associated Projects

These are some of the Projects associated with SSEC.

1. New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity

This series, drawing on the evidence of inscriptions and papyri, which provide excitingly fresh insights into the early Christian era and has aroused widespread interest around the world. Produced initially by Dr (now Professor) Greg Horsley, who edited the first five volumes, this work has been continued by Dr Stephen Llewelyn, with input from Dr John Pryor and others.

SSEC - Hypistos

2. Papyri from the Rise of Christianity in Egypt (PCE)

formerly Corpus Papyrorum Christianarum (C.P.C.)

or Corpus of Christian Papyri

Our earliest New Testament texts come from Egypt and there is an increasing flow of other documents throwing light on early Christianity there.

The project has involved making a systematic study of the papyrus evidence for the early history of Christianity.

The results of this project will issue a two volume work to be published by Cambridge University Press. The present editors of this project are Dr Bruce Harris, Emeritus Professor Edwin Judge, Professor Alanna Nobbs Dr Don Barker and Dr Malcolm Choat.

SSEC - Acts1and2
Acts 1 & Acts 2

3. Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum

This project, sponsored by UNESCO and the UAI (Union Academique Internationale) aims to produce 60+ volumes of Manichaean texts from Egypt and Central Asia, edited by Professor Sam Lieu and international collaborators.

The Manichaeans, who were disciples of Mani, the third century 'apostle of Jesus Christ', spread from Mesopotamia both West and East across the Silk Road. 

The texts studied are multilingual - Latin, Greek, Syriac, Middle Iranian, Turkish and Chinese.

SSEC - Corpus Fontium Manichaeoum CFM

Corpus Fontium Manichaeoum

4. Face to Face with the New Testament

This seminar is a fascinating look at the New Testament and its reliability.

  • Hear about the amazing New Testament discoveries from the sands of Egypt.
  • Learn how the New Testament documents were produced in ancient times.
  • View one of the earliest fragments of the New Testament that is housed at the Museum.


Macquarie University has at its Museum of Ancient Cultures a unique collection of over 700 ancient documents from Egypt and one of the earliest fragments of the New Testament.

Face to Face with the New Testament is a fascinating look at the New Testament documents & the reliability of their transmission. Dr Don Barker who is the Papyrologist at Macquarie University leads the seminar. Because of university costs we prefer groups of not less than 12 persons.

Please contact Dr Don Barker for further information, bookings and costs

Museum of Ancient Cultures, Macquarie University Sydney NSW 2109 Australia Telephone (02) 9850 9962

SSEC - Face1
Face 1

SSEC - PMacquarie 346
Papyrus Macquarie 346

5. Other Projects

Other staff projects in the Cultural Setting of Early Christianity include those of Dr Chris Forbes in the history of ideas, and Professor Alanna Nobbs and Dr Andrew Gillett on Christian historiography. Dr John Lee also has a project with the Zenon archive.

How Projects are supported by the Society


Major projects have attracted good support for some years from the Australian Research Council and from Macquarie University.  Funding from these sources is dependent on annual decisions and is insufficient for their proper continuance and development, and the Society seeks strong support from outside the University so that such research, unique in many ways in its scope and concentration, may be carried on at the level which it deserves.

Tax Deductibility

Monies given for research may be tax deductible and the Macquarie university will match dollar for dollar any monies given for research by an institution or business through an external collaborative grant arrangement. For further information please contact Professor Alanna Nobbs on (02) 9850 9944 email:


Related Activities

The Ancient Cultures Research Centre ACRC sponsors the Macquarie Ancient Languages Schools (formerly the Macquarie Greek Summer School) (Co-Ordinator: Ms Jon Dalrymple). The Society co-operates with the Macquarie Ancient History Association (MAHA) and the Rundle Foundation for Egyptian Archaeology in holding seminars and other functions.

See our web page for links. which will take you to interesting sites such as the Macquarie Ancient Languages School (MALS).

SSEC - Sarcophagus
Marble Sarcophogus

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