Business and Community Engagement

Macquarie means business

Our engagement with business, especially those contained in the adjacent high-technology corridor, is driven by our vision of becoming one of Australia's leading research universities. Many of Macquarie's collaborations involve the commercialisation of research projects which deliver tangible benefits to the community.

Enterprise Partnerships & Commercialisation

» Enterprise Partnerships & Commercialisation website

Small, medium-sized and large enterprises all have the opportunity to work with a university partner in order to obtain expertise in a specific area relevant to your business and objectives.

Partnerships take many forms including:

  • Contract research and development, and
  • Collaborative commercialisation opportunities.

Foremost in our minds are flexibility of approach and delivery of results. Where practical we will tailor our offering to add value to your organisation. Our team is comprised of a Business Development Manager located within each of the four faculties to ensure that the right researchers are identified to meet your requirements.

Macquarie Technology Business Incubator

» Macquarie Technology Business Incubator website

This is an example of our commitment to nurture and develop businesses in our local community. Launched in 2007, the Incubator provides a low-risk, dynamic and collaborative environment that fast-tracks the development of new technology businesses in the northern Sydney region. The incubator is located in the University's Research Park and is managed by Access Macquarie Limited, Macquarie University's commercial arm.

One company which has flourished following it's time in the Incubator is Image Connections Australasia, a teleradiology solutions company which provides fast electronic radiological reporting, data basing and account management of radiographic images for the chiropractic, dental and general medical fields.

Cancer Proteomics Infrastructure Initiative

Collaborations which produce tangible outcomes that benefit society are key to Macquarie's vision. One such collaboration of enormous significance involves research into faster cancer detection.

Macquarie's Biomolecular Frontiers Concentration of Research Excellence has been selected to host the first stage of a major cancer research project – the New South Wales Cancer Proteomics Infrastructure Initiative.

Our researchers will collaborate with a number of cancer and proteomics experts from various centres of excellence across NSW on central problems in translational cancer research. The research will facilitate a more rapid translation of proteomic discoveries into patient care and clinical practice, which will assist with the early detection of cancer.


Industry Partnerships

Macquarie has secured several industry partnerships – a key factor in ensuring the University becomes a world class research institute.

Macquarie and Cochlear

» Cochlear Project details

Cochlear, a global leader in implanatable hearing solutions, will move its headquarters and principal manufacturing facilities to our campus by 2010. As a part of the process, Cochlear will establish new research collaboration initiatives with Macquarie. This project is the first stage in the development of the Hearing Hub, which will see Australia's leading organisations dedicated to helping the hearing impaired locate in a section of the university.

Macquarie and EMC Corporation

The pairing of EMC, an industry leader in products, services and solutions of information management and storage, with the progressive teaching and research of Macquarie's engineers, seeks to bridge the industry and academic divide. This partnership has resulted in the establishment of five new engineering prizes and will afford our students superb opportunities.

Members alongside EMC include BCS Technology Group Pty Ltd, CiSRA, Honeywell, OEM Technology Solutions, Optus, Cochlear, Juniper Networks and Netcomm.


Partnering with the Community

Two such partnerships focus on key national priorities: student engagement with science and improved levels of literacy.

The Science Partnership

» Community Activities: The Science Partnership

Launched in 2007 with the NSW Department of Education and Training, this partnership is designed to positively influence young people's attitudes towards studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects.

The Making Up Lost Time In Literacy (MULTILIT)

Professional & Community Engagement

The Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) initiative aims to:

  • produce graduates with highly developed personal, interpersonal and social capabilities, as well as cognitive ones;
  • develop the capabilities of Macquarie students and staff to contribute actively to the well being of people and the planet
  • form partnerships which are mutually beneficial, foster mutual respect, and improve the capacity of partners to meet their mission and purpose;
  • pestablish Macquarie as a leading university for transformative learning and research, recognised for excellence in socially inclusive practice.

» MULTILIT Program

This initiative comprises research and development into more effective ways of teaching low-progress students who are experiencing difficulties in learning literacy skills. Since 1998, over 2000 teachers and other educational professionals throughout Australia and overseas have successfully implemented the MULTILIT Program to teach thousands of low-progress readers.

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