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Litoria wilcoxii (amplexus)
Credit: Grant Webster

Oh this old thing? Frogs change it up when it comes to mating

21 September 2017

Male frogs slip into bright colours when in breeding season The bright-yellow change is temporary and is to enhance their ...


September graduation season commences

18 September 2017

More than 2280 graduates will receive their degrees, diplomas and certificates in Macquarie University’s September 2017 graduation series, commencing today, ...

Credit: Daniela Parra (Flickr)

New research shows more is not always better: how spiders apply glue, not how much they use, determines web strength

15 September 2017

Macquarie University study finds how glue is applied to spider silk impacts strength of attachment to an object Study compared web ...

Exterior of the Macquarie University Library

Macquarie moves up in new employability rankings

14 September 2017

Macquarie University has moved into the 121-130 band and in the tenth position in Australia in the newly released 2018 ...

Port-Jackson sharks Heterodontus portusjacksoni cruising in Jervis Bay. Photo credit: Johann Mourier

The shark network: exposing the social lives of sharks

6 September 2017

For the first time research shows sharks prefer to associate with other sharks similar to themselves Sharks form long-term relationships ...

Credit: Michelle Leishman

The mystery of leaf size solved

1 September 2017

A global team of researchers have cracked the mystery of leaf size. Their research was published today as a cover ...

Associate Professor Rich Mildren and Dr Emilie Ens, winners of Eureka Awards

Macquarie University takes home a double win at Eureka Awards

31 August 2017

Macquarie University has scored a double with wins in two categories following last night’s 2017 Australian Museum Eureka prize dinner. ...

The team from PACE receive their award at the AFR Higher Education Awards.

Macquarie’s PACE program named winner of AFR Higher Education Employability Award

30 August 2017

Macquarie’s Professional and Community Engagement Program (PACE) was last night recognised for its achievements in enhancing student employment outcomes and ...

Image credit: 
WerbeFabrik, Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/en/technology-mining-open-pit-mining-2663188/

Measuring metal-contamination: new method allows for inexpensive, accurate and rapid characterisation of metal-contaminated sites

22 August 2017

A new method for assessing metal-contaminated sites allows for rapid, high-resolution characterisation of metal-contaminated sites, at a fraction of the ...


Macquarie University launches new retirement villages calculator

22 August 2017

The challenges of comparing the cost of retirement villages will get much easier with today’s launch of Macquarie University’s retirement ...

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