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Credit: Paul Wright

Discipline more effective than monetary investment in education: new research

21 February 2017

Discipline in schools has a greater impact and is more important to educational performance when compared to monetary investment, a ...

Credit: Dr Ajay Narendra

Ants get schooled: Research shows ants can learn, adapt

16 February 2017

Ants have the ability to learn new skills and respond to changes in the environment despite their poor eyesight and ...

Macquarie University Incubator. Credit: Carmen Lee

Macquarie University Incubator gets started

14 February 2017

The Macquarie University Incubator was officially opened last night during the Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID) Summit. The pop-up Macquarie ...

Male guppy. Credit: Culum Brown

Sexual harassment in the fish world: Male guppies suffer most

14 February 2017

Male guppies pay a high cost for their sexual harassment of female guppies – including much higher mortality rates – ...

Credit: Chris Stacey

Zebrafish discovery could hold the key to better-understanding motor neuron disease

13 February 2017

Researchers used refined UV laser ‘ablation’ in living zebrafish to learn how MND progresses from one neuron to the next. ...


Macquarie and WildArk partner on a world first research study to identify the top 100 umbrella species

9 February 2017

A new study has been announced by researchers from Macquarie University with the aim of identifying 100 species whose ranges, ...

Credit: Matthew Bulbert

Our insects get a gold star in deception: Largest group of Australia’s insects collaborate to avoid being lunch

8 February 2017

A group of insects that mimic each other in an effective golden sheen to fight predators has been discovered as ...

Professor Gilles Guillemin (L) and Dr Edwin Lim (R). Photo credit: Carmen Lee, Macquarie University

First blood biomarker discovered for the prognosis of multiple sclerosis: quick, accurate and soon to be available

4 February 2017

Study led by Macquarie researchers has found the first blood biomarker for multiple sclerosis Biomarker blood test can discriminate between ...

Lyrebird nest. Credit: Justin Welbergen

Australia the birthplace of birds nests? Move over Vegemite and the hills hoist

1 February 2017

The most common birds nests found today had their birthplace in Australia, and these nests may be key to many ...

Professor Michael Gillings. Photo credit: Chris Stacey, Macquarie University.

Superbugs on the shore: Bacteria in estuaries have genes for antibiotic resistance that could end up in us

31 January 2017

Estuarine areas – regions where land, freshwater and seawater meet, such as Port Stephens, Sydney Harbour and the Hawkesbury River ...

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