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Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial Participants Wanted: Aged 50 – 65 years

4 July 2017
We are looking for volunteers between the ages of 50 and 65 years interested in participating in a randomised clinical trial designed to investigate the effect of manual therapy on lung function.
Respect. Now. Always.

Respect. Now. Always. – Discussion of Report Findings

1 August 2017
On 1 August 2017, survey findings will be released and published in a national report by the Commission. The results will give Australian universities a clearer evidence base to guide further work to prevent and address sexual assault and sexual harassment. It is a critical part of the university Respect. Now. Always. campaign that aims to keep university students safe.
Sustainability Talk Transport

Sustainability Talk: Transport

9 August 2017
First in our Sustainability Talks series at this event we look at solutions to increase sustainable transport in Sydney and reduce the congestion on our streets.
Professor Margaret Brimble

The Nature of Chemistry – Saving Lives and Creating Jobs (Public Lecture)

17 August 2017
Meet one of the Asia-Pacific’s most successful chemists at a free public lecture. Join the Faculty of Science and Engineering in welcoming Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble from the University of Auckland. At the lecture Margaret will reveal how to build bridges from the chemistry lab to the clinic and to industry.
Open day graphic

Open Day 2017

19 August 2017
Join us and discover that Macquarie really is a uni like no other – as a student you’ll start to carve out a fabulous career or take the next step up the career ladder, you can travel the globe and be supported to do so, and you’ll start to create valuable personal and professional networks.
Exterior of the rear of the University library at sunset.

Lighthouse Lecture Series: The Time of Money

21 August 2017
Debts we can’t repay, wages that don’t cover our cost of living and struggling degree-educated millennials working unpaid internships. These are just some of the financial issues facing our society today that pose the question: Why do we now not earn enough to live? On Monday 21 August in the fourth instalment of Macquarie University’s Lighthouse Lecture Series, Professor Lisa Adkins from the University of Newcastle will join us to discuss The Time of Money. Adkins will cover a range of issues on how the logic of speculation is transforming our everyday lives and will consider how this impacts our society. Register your attendance and join us in welcoming Professor Adkins to Macquarie University’s Lighthouse Lecture Series. Arrive at 4pm and take the opportunity to network with your peers before Lisa takes the stage at 4.30pm.
Sustainability Talks: Green and Public Spaces

Sustainability Talk: Green and Public Spaces

13 September 2017
Join us in the second talk of the Sustainability Talks series as we explore how we can increase the value and amount of Green and Public space in Sydney with the increasing pressure of development and population growth.
Sustainability Talks: Cultural and Natural Heritage

Sustainability Talk: Cultural and Natural Heritage

11 October 2017
The last in our Sustainability Talks series, this talk will delve into the ways in which we can integrate and value Australia’s cultural and natural heritage in a modern culture.
Image by Paul Wright

Info Day 2017

16 December 2017
Info Day 2017 16 December 2017 It’s that time of year – you are thinking seriously about what you will do in 2018. HSC results are out and some of you might ...

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