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Public lecture by Emeritus Professor Sir Peter Knight FRS

29 April 2014

Knight’s public talk speaks to the emergence of a networked world, connected by global fibre-optic communications and mobile phones, with geo-location provided through GPS. He speaks of the significance of the networked world and the dramatic influence it has had on our lives, and will continue to have in the future.

Image Credit : Corey Butler

Doctor of Physiotherapy Information Evening

30 April 2014

Doctor of Physiotherapy Information Evening 30 April 2014 The Doctor of Physiotherapy course is only available in New South Wales. This three year extended masters not only enables you to […]

Doctor Anina Rich
image credit:Carol Steen

Paul Bourke Public Lecture 2014

1 May 2014

Paul Bourke Public Lecture 2014 1 May 2014 Mauve Mondays and Orange Odours: Synaesthesia and the integration of information in the human brain Synaesthesia is an unusual phenomenon that is […]

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SSEC Annual Day Conference: Christ or Caesar: Render Unto Caesar?

3 May 2014

Professor Brigitte Kahl brings a new perspective to Biblical scholarship by analysing the dynamic relationship between the New Testament and the Roman Empire.

Photo: Effy Alexakis, photowrite

Wonder where a Science degree can take you?

5 May 2014


The Boiler Room - image courtesy of Madman Entertainment

Movies at Macquarie – The Boiler Room (rated M)

11 May 2014

The Boiler Room tells the story of an ambitious young man's rise, fall and redemption in the predatory and corrupt financial services sector. After starting at the bottom of the ladder in the ‘boiler room’ Seth Davis rises higher up the ranks but sinks into a quagmire of dirty dealings which sees him breaking the law in order to keep his bosses happy and his pay check coming.

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