Social sessions

Social sessions

Social Session

Can't make weekly sporting commitments? 

Then social sessions are for you. No need to register, you just turn up! 

You don't need to be a student or a member of the Sport and Aquatic Centre to come and play in the session. Designed for players of all levels, a Macquarie University Sport representative will oversee the session and match you up with others of similar ability. Please arrive five minutes prior to the starting time to register.

Please note that the Social Sessions return dates for 2017:

Badminton Thursday returns 12 January 2017
Badminton Saturday returns 18 Feb 2017
Badminton Sunday returns 8 January 2017

Basketball Wednesday returns 11 January 2017
Basketball Saturday returns 18 Feb 2017

Futsal Thursday returns 16 February
Futsal Friday returns 17 February


Student 10x Visit PassNA$72.00
Community 10x Visit PassNA$135.00

For more information about fees and charges please visit the membership page.

Please note

  • *Members are entitled to one free session per day per sport 
  • Equipment is provided, however feel free to bring your own! 
  • Badminton players are required to bring their own shuttle cocks or purchase them from the Front Desk. Only used shuttle cocks are provided.

2016 Social Session Timetable

Click on a sport below to view the timetable.

Badminton (Sport & Recreation Hall)

Session 1: 6pm - 8pm  
Session 2: 8pm - 10pm

Session: 9am - 12pm

Session 1: 3pm - 5pm
Session 2: 5pm - 7pm

Players only allowed to attend one session per day.

Basketball (Sport Hall)

2.30pm - 5.30pm

4pm - 7pm

Table tennis (Recreation Hall)

7pm - 10pm

Futsal (Sport Hall)

2.30pm - 5.30pm 

2.00pm - 5pm

Squash (Squash Courts)

2pm - 3pm (coaching session)

3pm - 4pm (free play)

Macquarie University Sport and Squash Club Members are not charged for these sessions. Visitors pay the normal centre entry fee of $5.00. The cost for students is $5.50 and $5.20 for those with a concession.

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