Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Not enough time to workout? Hate training on your own? Looking to change up your normal training? Then our 30 minute workouts are perfect for you. 

They fit neatly into any study or lunch break!

Check out the class options below:

Body Weight

This circuit is focused on bodyweight exercises only and involves plyometric, isometric, endurance and agility exercises. This class is fun, is great for all fitness levels and will leave you feeling fit, fast and sweaty! 

Bootcamp Blast

Tyre flips, battle ropes, sledge hammers, farmers walks and partner challenges are only the beginning!  Be prepared to be pushed to the edge with this military style class.

Box Fit

Non-stop boxing action! This non-contact, high energy class will develop your strength, coordination, and fitness using focus mitts, punching bags, cardiovascular exercises plus more!  Intervals, combos, partner work and other body weight exercises will have you coming back for more.

Cardio Crash

Need to sweat but you don’t like weights? Get toned, sculpted and slim by running, jumping and skipping with this cardio-focused class. Shred those calories and keep moving.

Core Conditioning

Strengthen your core by performing a range of core exercises (not just traditional sit ups!). The trainer will use their experience to challenge your abs, lower back and inner core muscles to their ABSolute limit.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions will encourage you to push yourself to the limit by performing aerobic and anaerobic intervals using different types of equipment and machines.  Your fitness levels will skyrocket and your resting heart rate will decrease as a result of this training!

Power Play

This class is all about explosive movements, using plyometrics and kettlebells. Your heart will race! These sessions will involve movements including box jumps, depth jumps, squat jumps and kettlebell swings.


Want to walk out of the gym feeling stronger than when you walked in? Using techniques taken from strongman, bodybuilding and athletics, you will strengthen your body from head to toe in no time and have the confidence to lift more weight than ever.

Low Intensity
– These classes will get your body warm. Working with minimal equipment, your body is the primary tool to leave you feeling supple, lean, and reinvigorated.

Medium Intensity – These classes will push you within your comfort zone. You control your output and get out what you put in. Get hot, get sweaty, and get working.

High Intensity – These classes will push your limits. Heart rates upward of 80% max, drenched in sweat, puffed breaths. You will leave these classes feeling satisfied, accomplished, and like you can conquer anything.

How do I book in?

Just like Group Fitness classes, bookings open 2 hours before the session starts. You can book in either in person at the Member Engagement Desk, the self-serve kiosk, in the Health Club or via WarriorWeb

If you have any questions about the sessions, please contact the Health Club directly on (02) 9850 4199 or via email on

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