Assessment and feedback schedule

Assessment and feedback schedule


Macquarie University Gymnastics is launching a new assessment and feedback system in direct response to Biannual Customer Survey results regarding the frequency and quality of student feedback that parents receive. The new system will ensure that students are assessed on a regular basis.

We will ensure that all students are assessed each week and given feedback at least once every three months. Children should also receive a report card at least once per term. These report cards will provide you with an idea of how your child has progressed with most of the skills within their level,  as well as in key areas such as balance, spatial awareness, strength, tension and flexibility.


  • Proactive approach to proving feedback to parents
  • Gymnastics staff to identify children ready for progression or who may need extra assistance before the parental request
  • Improve results from biannual survey regarding the amount of feedback we provide parents and the quality of the feedback they receive
  • Increased efficiency in the assessment process as we will be conducting the assessments per class
  • Provide parents with a point of reference of their child's progress through Progress Updates

Where do I find information about my child's level?

Read more about our levels.

How often will my child be assessed?

Your child will be assessed weekly, however feedback may only be received from the coach once per term. This will depend on their availability and opportunity to speak with you. A report card will also be given upon the conclusion of each term evaluating your child's performance and enthusiasm.

If they are ready to progress sooner, their teacher will notify the supervisor.

What happens during the assessment?

In each class your child attends, one apparatus will be designated for assessment. This means that your child will be assessed on three different skills on that apparatus that week. The other apparatus will be for teaching skills.

If your child has not yet learnt the skills being assessed that week, please don't worry. They will be taught them over the next few weeks and assessed on those same skills next term.

What is the role of the teacher in the assessment process?

The coach will assess your child each week and will be providing feedback on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions regarding your child's progress, please do not hesitate to speak to the coach at the end of the gymnastics class or before the start of your next class. Your coach should be able to give you an idea of your child's progression when requested.

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