Welcome to Macquarie University Gymnastics!

Macquarie University Gymnastics provides lessons to children looking to learn gymnastics in a warm and friendly environment that enables growth and personal development.

We offer classes for every age and level - from our PlayGym classes for ages 18 months right up to adult gymnastics classes and everything in between. Our program ultimately aims to deliver exceptional service to the local community and the families involved with Macquarie University Gymnastics.

Five reasons why gymnastics is beneficial for your kids

1. Gymnastics is the perfect foundational sport. There is no sport that teaches basic fundamental athletic skills better than gymnastics, especially for young kids who lack the motor and cognitive skills for team ball sports. In gymnastics class, your son will learn to run, jump, and balance, to develop his coordination and body awareness and to become stronger and more flexible.

2. Gymnastics is the perfect cross training sport. If your child is already involved in another sports program, gymnastics is a perfect way to enhance his conditioning by building up his athleticism.

3. Gymnastics is the perfect injury prevention program. Two of the most common ways kids get injured in sports are from sprains or strained muscles and from falling. Gymnastics is useful in helping kids avoid sprains and strains because it teaches kids to warm up properly and it helps them increase their flexibility (two of the main reasons sprains and strains occur).

4. Gymnastics is the perfect character building sport. Coaches want athletes with a strong work ethic and who are resilient. Gymnastics is not an easy sport. It teaches kids that hard work is necessary for results and that trying over and over again is just part of the process. Discipline is a natural byproduct of doing gymnastics.

5. Gymnastics is the perfect sport to learn to be coachable. Gymnastics teaches kids to listen. Gymnasts receive corrections after each and every turn. So a gymnast might receive literally hundreds of pieces of feedback in one practice!   Gymnasts learn to not take this feedback as criticism but rather as helpful information designed to improve their performance.

Kinder Gym program

Kinder Gym is Gymnastics Australia's movement program for children aged five years and under.


Macquarie University gymnastics offers both development programs for men's and women's gymnastics as well as levels 1-6 in competitive WAG.

Opening hours & timetable

Discover when we're open and what class schedules best suit you! Have a question? Browse through our frequently asked questions to find out more about our programs on offer.

News and updates

Up to date information about the changes and developments in the gymnastics program. Everything from competitions, new programs, tips and operational information.


Our recreational Gymnastics classes run for school aged children every day, and we are proud to be affiliated with the Gymnastics Australia Launchpad program.

Adult classes

The ideal program catering to adults who are beginners and ex-gymnasts alike as well incorporating tumbling, acrobatics, free running and parkour components.

Birthday parties

Looking for your next birthday party venue? Celebrate with us... Featuring a variety of party games and gymnastics activities, get set for the time of your life!

Contact us

Need more information or want to speak with a qualified team member? Give us a call, send us an email or find out our location, we'd love to hear from you!

Read our Program Membership Terms and Conditions

All membership conditions have been established to ensure maximum enjoyment and usage of the Centre by all Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Centre (Macquarie University Sport) Members.  On acceptance by the Centre of this agreement, you will be referred to as a "Member" and have the usage rights and obligations as set out below. The term "parent" hereon will refer to the legal parent or guardian of the child or children to whom "membership" is bestowed upon.


Membership commences on the date stated on the membership application. The member must present their membership card or photo identification to gain entry. A $2.00 fee will be charged to replace lost or stolen membership cards. Membership is personal to the "Member" and memberships cannot be assigned or transferred to another person. The General Manager, or their nominated representative, reserves the right to cancel this membership agreement and request return of this membership card at their discretion. The minimum term for Swim School, Born to Move, Martial Arts and Gymnastics Memberships are twelve (12) weeks from the first lesson.

Macquarie University Sport will use your personal information to advise operational changes, account queries and promotional information. If you prefer not to be contacted by SMS or email please advise the Program Administration Desk.


I understand that this agreement is legally binding whether my membership to the Centre and its services is determined on a term, direct debit or casual basis.


All changes to memberships, including applications for cancellation and/or refund, must be made and signed in person at the facility. Macquarie University Membership costs and inclusions are reviewed periodically. Macquarie University Sport will provide at least fourteen (14) days' notice prior to any change in membership conditions by posting such changes on our website at or by emailing you at the contact email we have on record. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure they notify Macquarie University Sport of any changes in their contact information. If you do not wish to accept a change in your membership fees or inclusions you may cancel your membership as per Section 6.


All Macquarie University Sport Memberships are refundable during a "Cooling Off Period" of seven (7) days beginning on the date the membership agreement is signed. If you cancel your membership during the cooling off period you will be refunded the cost of your membership, less the value of any services received. The cooling off period does not apply where a membership is renewed.


Gymnastics, Mini Mac Martial Arts and Swim School members are eligible for two (2) make-up lessons per quarter. All make up lessons are subject to availability. A Member must notify the administration team a minimum 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson via email or phone. For medical absences within 24 hours of a class a medical certificate must be supplied in person or via email prior to the missed class. Bookings must be made within 24 hours of the selected class time. Booking cannot be made prior to this time.
All missed make-up classes will be forfeited. A maximum of two (2) make-up lessons are redeemable during a three (3) month period. Make-up lessons cannot be accrued.

1 January – 31 March / 1 April – 30 June / 1 July – 30 September / 1 October – 31 December

Non-attendance for an eight (8) week consecutive period may result in membership termination at the discretion of the relevant Program Coordinator. Attempted contact with the member in regards to membership and/or cancellation will be made via phone and/or email prior to cancellation.


It is the responsibility of the Member to cancel their membership. Non-attendance does not warrant a refund or cancellation. After fulfilling the minimum 12 weeks, Members must provide a minimum 15 days' notice and complete a Cancellation Form at the appropriate Administration Desk. Cancellation Requests will not be accepted if the Member is in arrears.

Immediate cancellations are available where a Member relocates residence more than 20km from the Centre. A refund will be available upon the provision of evidence stating the relocation and will apply from the date of provision only.

A medical cancellation will be available where a Member has a medical condition precluding participation in the membership for a minimum four (4) consecutive weeks. Medical conditions include prolonged illness, hospitalisation, broken bones and contagious diseases. The Member must submit a Cancellation Request within the first week of the lessons being missed, and provide a supporting medical certificate covering the minimum period.


Parents wishing to take photographs or video footage of their children during lessons will need to gain prior approval from the relevant Program Coordinator.


Members under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to, during and from their lesson. Exclusions may apply for Competitive Squads. If the patron is under the age of eighteen (18), a parent or guardian is required to sign the membership agreement on behalf of the member.


Management reserves the right to refuse entry, cancel a Membership or request a

member or casual customer leave the venue if the Member does not behave in a responsible manner, is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or does not adhere to the Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Terms & Conditions of Entry, Centre signage or direction from staff. Participants must wear appropriate clothing/uniform/swimwear and swimming cap when attending lessons.


Direct Debit Memberships are ongoing and are charged fortnightly on a Tuesday. Direct Debit payments may take up to five (5) business days to be processed. It is the responsibility of the Member to have sufficient funds available in their nominated account. The Member must ensure that the account is able to accept direct debit payments and must provide Macquarie University Sport with updated account information if the information changes. A $5.50 failed payment fee will be incurred for each unsuccessful debit, in addition to any charges by the Member's financial institution. Payments are due regardless of Centre usage. In the event of outstanding membership fees, access to the Centre facilities will be denied. 

Macquarie University Sport will make reasonable contact to notify the Member if there is an unsuccessful direct debit payment. Primary communication for membership fee recovery is by post, email and/or SMS. It is the responsibility of the Member to keep their contact information current. Macquarie University Sport will implement re-debit measures as necessary to recover any outstanding fees. Macquarie University Sport will continue to debit from the nominated account without notice until the amount owing is received, regardless of membership status.

Notwithstanding the obligations detailed in section 6, if a Member has two (2) consecutive failed payments and does not make payment, the membership may be cancelled on the Monday before the next scheduled direct debit at the discretion of Macquarie University Sport Management. The amount owing may be passed on to a debt collection agency for retrieval. Any costs associated with this are at the expense of the Member. If the account frequently fails, Centre Management reserves the right to cancel the membership and deny a Direct Debit payment option. Payment queries will be responded to within five (5) business days.


I declare myself or my children physically and mentally sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease, infirmity, or other illness that would prevent my participation in health and fitness activities at Macquarie University Sport. I acknowledge I have been informed of the need for a physician's approval for my participation in an exercise/fitness activity. I recognise it is my sole responsibility to obtain an examination by a physician prior to involvement in any exercise program. I acknowledge I have either had a physical examination and been given my physician's permission to participate, or if I have chosen not to obtain a physician's permission prior to beginning this exercise program, I acknowledge I am doing so at my own risk.


The Centre reserves the right to vary, add, or eliminate from time to time any of the particular facilities, entitlements or services provided by the Centre in accordance with Section 3. I agree to accept the fact that a particular facility or service within the Centre premises may be unavailable at any particular time due to a prior booking, mechanical breakdown, fire, act of God, condemnation, catastrophe and loss of lease, or any other reason. Further, I agree to not hold the Centre responsible or liable for such occurrences.


Swim School members are entitled to access the pools outside of lesson times. Guests of members, including supervising parents/guardians of children over six (6) years of age must pay a casual entry fee. One parent/guardian of members aged five (5) years and under is allowed entry free of charge in line with our Keep Watch Policy. Access and use of additional facilities must be paid for.

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