Blues awards

Blues awards

The next Blues Awards Ceremony will take place on Wednesday 25 October, from 6:30pm to 10pm

Over the past four decades, Blues Awards have been awarded for outstanding achievement in university sport. The award exemplifies the extraordinary level of sporting brilliance at Macquarie University and receiving an award is an honour that becomes the highlight of many sporting careers.

The story behind the Blues

In 1970, a sub-committee was created to determine the form of sporting awards at Macquarie University.

The University decided to adopt the concept of the ‘Sporting Blue’, which is based on the origins of the annual rowing race between the Oxford University Boat Club and the Cambridge University Boat Club.

The race originated in 1829 as a challenge between two former Harrow School pupils. The colour blue was inspired by one of the Cambridge oarsmen in the second race in 1836. The oarsmen tied a light blue ribbon to the bows of the Cambridge boat to reflect the colour of his school, Eton College. The dark blue colour was then ascribed to Oxford because it is the colour of Christ Church College. As a result, the tradition of the University Sporting Blue began.

Over 135 years later, Blues regulations were adopted at Macquarie University. At the first meeting of the Sports Committee in 1971, a Blues Committee was elected. Members of the committee included; Professor G A Barclay, Mr G N Pollard, Mr E D O’Keefe, Mr R Oldfield, Mr R J Lawton, Miss S Newman and Mr N Snodgrass.

Macquarie University held its first Blues Awards Dinner in September 1972, celebrating winners from 1970 and 1971. This year marks the 43rd Blues Awards ceremony at Macquarie University.

Over the past four decades, Blues have continued to be awarded for outstanding achievement in university sport. The award exemplifies the extraordinary level of sporting brilliance at Macquarie University and is an honour that becomes the highlight of many sporting careers.

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Past events


The 2016 Blues Awards were held on Thursday 3 November 2016.

On Thursday 3rd November 2016, Macquarie University hosted the annual Blues Awards. The highly prestigious Full Blue Award was awarded to 6 athletes and 6 athletes received a Half Blue Award. Four athletes and two sport administrators received recognition with other major awards, including the Female and Male Sport Athlete of the Year, Ted O’Keeffe Scholarship, John Lincoln Services Award, the Leigh Barnier ‘Spirit of the Games' Award and the Chancellor’s Award.

Macquarie University General Manager Sport and Recreation Cindy Hoad was delighted by the showcase of student achievement in both the athletic and academic arenas. 

“The Blues Awards was a wonderful occasion to recognise and celebrate the outstanding sporting and academic achievements of our students before their academics, peers and family,” she said. 

“We were delighted to welcome back eight of our Alumni Blues recipients to receive their Blues Blazer on the night. It was an opportunity for them to see how far Macquarie University has come and hear about the exceptional achievements of, and make connections with, our current student cohort.”

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Thank you to our sponsors of the night:

  • Matrix
  • Speedo
  • SK Corp
  • Vince Barclay Tennis Academy

2016 winners

Congratulations to the following winners

Rookie of the Year - Tom Schramko
Female athlete of the year - Melissa Wu
Male athlete of the year - Tom Trbojevic
John Lincoln Service Award - Claire Leyten and Stephen Ryan
Club of the Year - Cheerleading Club
Ted O'Keeffe Scholarship - Kiana Elliott
Leigh Barnier 'Spirit of the Games' Award - Chloe Wilson 
Chancellor's Award - Tyler Martin

Full Blue Recipients

James Chapman (Rowing)
Kiana Elliott (Weightlifting)
James Tod-Hill (Ultimate Frisbee)
Jennifer Tam (Badminton)
Jonathan Venter (Motorsport)
Rosie Lee (Sailing)

Half Blue Recipients

Ashleigh Blake (Wakeboarding)
Clare Costanzo (Sailing)
Thomas Trbojevic (Rugby League)
Georgios Fountotos (Volleyball)
Jackson Mills (Touch Football)
Samuel Crean (Gymnastics)

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