Airport Pickup Confirmation

Airport Pickup Confirmation

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Your free airport pickup has now been confirmed and you will be met at the meeting point at Sydney Airport and driven to your accommodation.

Click here for domestic airport arrivals.

What do I do when I arrive at the international airport?

1. Landing - Clear customs, baggage claim and quarantine

  • This can take about one hour
  • The driver will wait for you to clear customs, collect your bags and clear quarantine

2. Go to McDonald's

  • McDonald's is located near the exit to the train station.Pickup Meeting Point
  • See the detailed map at

3. Wait for the driver with the Macquarie University sign

  • Please wait for your driver to arrive
  • Your driver will be holding a "Macquarie University Airport Pickup" sign
  • Remain at the meeting point at all times!

What do I do if I can not find the driver?

If you cannot find the driver after waiting for 30 minutes at McDonald's (By the Ronald McDonald clown statue), please call the free emergency number: 1800 610 577 from a pay-phone in the arrivals hall.

Please note that this number can only be called from an Australia number, if you are calling from an international number please call +61 2 9850 7965.

For all other enquiries contact or +61 2 9850 7965.

The Accommodation staff will then advise you what to do next:

  • You may need to wait a little longer for the driver
  • You may need to take a taxi to your destination

A taxi fare will only be reimbursed by the University if you have been advised by the Accommodation staff to take a taxi. You will need to first contact the office (by the above telephone number) if you cannot find the driver. Please have at least AUD$100 with you for a taxi. You can exchange currency at Travelex near Exit A and credit cards are also accepted.

What if my flight changes or I no longer need airport pickup?

Please notify the Accommodation team immediately of any changes to your flight arrival time or if you no longer need an airport pickup. Students who book the airport pickup service and do not use it will be charged a cancellation fee of AUD$50.00.

Airport arrivals pick-up point

To assist you, please download and save the airport arrival instructions guide (and print if needed).

Domestic Arrivals

If you are arriving through a domestic flight, please proceed to Baggage Carousel Number 5 to meet a driver for this service. Please remain in the domestic terminal you have arrived in. This only applies if your flight arrives in the domestic terminal. For flights arriving at the international airport, please follow the instructions above.

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