Research librarians

Research librarians

Research Librarians consult with academic and professional staff and postgraduate students about library services and information resources to support research, teaching and learning. 

What can your Research Librarian do for you?

We can:

  • work with you to support your teaching and research activities
  • advise you on the best sources of information for your research
  • provide information skills training to find and manage information for research
  • meet with you to discuss your research needs

Find your Research Librarian

Faculty of Arts

Subjects Research Librarians
Ancient History Eugenia Fung Geraldine Marsh  
Anthropology Kirsten McDermid Alana Hadfield  
English Kirsten McDermidAlana Hadfield
Geography & Planning Kirsten McDermid Melinda Stewart
Indigenous StudiesMelinda Stewart Geraldine Marsh  
International Studies Eugenia Fung Melinda Stewart  
Law Susan Fripp Melinda Stewart
Media, Music, Communication & Cultural Studies Alana Hadfield Kirsten McDermid
Modern History, Politics and International Relations Melinda Stewart Eugenia Fung  
Philosophy Alana HadfieldKirsten McDermid 
Security Studies and Criminology Eugenia Fung Melinda Stewart  
Sociology Alana Hadfield Kirsten McDermid

Faculty of Business & Economics

SubjectsResearch Librarians
Accounting & Corporate GovernanceLisa FittockSean BullockPhanh Oudomlith
Actuarial StudiesLisa FittockSean BullockPhanh Oudomlith
Applied Finance CentreSean BullockLisa FittockPhanh Oudomlith
EconomicsSean BullockLisa FittockPhanh Oudomlith
Marketing & ManagementSean BullockLisa FittockPhanh Oudomlith

Faculty of Human Sciences

Subjects Research Librarians
Educational Studies John Elias Jane Van Balen  
Cognitive Science Jeremy Cullis John Elias  
Linguistics Grai Calvey Heather Cooper Jane Van Balen
Psychology John Elias Jane Van Balen

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

SubjectsClinical and Research Librarians
Clinical MedicineMary SimonsJeremy Cullis 
Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI)Mary SimonsJeremy CullisJane Van Balen
Health ProfessionsJeremy CullisJohn Elias 
Biomedical SciencesJeremy CullisMary SimonsJane Van Balen
Health Systems and PopulationsJeremy CullisMary Simons

Faculty of Science and Engineering

SubjectsResearch Librarians
Biological SciencesCarmi CronjeFiona JonesJo Hardy
Chemistry & Biomolecular SciencesFiona JonesCarmi CronjeJo Hardy
ChiropracticFiona JonesCarmi CronjeJo Hardy
ComputingCarmi CronjeFiona JonesJo Hardy
Earth & Planetary SciencesFiona JonesCarmi CronjeJo Hardy
EngineeringCarmi CronjeFiona JonesJo Hardy
Environmental SciencesFiona JonesCarmi CronjeJo Hardy
MathematicsFiona JonesCarmi CronjeJo Hardy
Physics & AstronomyCarmi CronjeFiona JonesJo Hardy
StatisticsFiona JonesCarmi CronjeJo Hardy


SubjectsResearch Librarians
MGSMPhanh OudomlithSean BullockLisa Fittock

Offices and Units

OfficeResearch Librarians
Office of the General CounselMelinda StewartGeraldine Marsh
PACEJane Van BalenSusan Shrubb
 Learning Innovation HubGrai CalveyHeather Cooper
Research OfficeSusan ShrubbJo Hardy
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Susan ShrubbJo Hardy
OtherJo HardyPhanh Oudomlith
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