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As a combined centre of excellence in both speech and audiology we are uniquely placed to offer integrated services in the one location.

Some examples of our specialisations and symptoms we treat are listed below but please contact us to discuss your individual requirements so we can tailor our treatment to your needs.

Speech, communication & swallowing

Leaders in speech pathology practice for all ages, we offer our clients the most effective services available for difficulties with speech, language, literacy, voice, accents and swallowing modification across the lifespan from babies through to aged care.

Our speech pathologists incorporate the latest research and evidence-based best practice to deliver successful outcomes.

Our speech service is the preferred provider for Macquarie University Hospital where we also deliver inpatient services.

Areas where we can help you:


  • difficulty with conversation skills or communication at work after stroke, brain injury or other neurological disorder
  • hoarse or raspy voice
  • physical difficulty speaking as a result of motor neurone disease
  • accent modification & fluency for English as a second language
  • speech & language rehabilitation
  • difficulty swallowing
  • stuttering


    • assistance with language and literacy to ensure social and academic success
    • reading and spelling difficulties
    • stuttering and other articulation or speech difficulties
    • accent modification & fluency
    • speech & language rehabilitation
    • difficulty swallowing


  • delayed speech & language development
  • reading and spelling difficulties
  • stuttering
  • articulation difficulties
  • feeding difficulties
  • autism spectrum & asperger's disorder
  • developmental delay

Group therapy

We cater for individuals and for groups alike. We work with the local community and businesses and can even cater some of our services and come to you (conditions apply).


We offer best practice, independent audiological assessments and services for adults and children. We also offer specialist services, including auditory processing disorder assessment, assessment and rehabilitation of tinnitus, vestibular and electrophysiological assessments, paediatric assessment and a full range of assessment and intervention options. Medicare rebates are available for some services with a valid referral from a medical doctor.

As an independent clinic, we offer clients requiring hearing aids a choice of devices from a wide variety of manufacturers which enables us to pass the savings on to you. Our clinic also provides services to pensioners under the Commonwealth Office of Hearing Services voucher scheme.

Areas where we can help you:

Adults, Teens & Children

  • comprehensive diagnostic hearing services
  • hearing aid fittings, repairs & accessories
  • hearing rehabilitation
  • hearing loss prevention and hearing protection
  • counselling and communication training
  • auditory processing assessment and management
  • tinnitus management
  • pre-employment hearing tests & occupational hearing tests
  • custom products such as musician earplugs, ear level monitors, noise protection plugs and swimming plugs.

Educational Seminars

Our research and teaching specialists can tailor special sessions for parents, teachers and health professionals.

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