Study Without Stress

Study Without Stress

What is the Study Without Stress Program and who should participate?

Study Without Stress (SWOS) is a program for any student currently undertaking their Higher School Certificate (HSC).  It is particularly suitable for year 11 students who plan to undertake their HSC next year but students in year 12 can also benefit.  SWOS is a psycho-educational program that equips students with both knowledge and practical tips on how to approach and overcome the stress associated with exams in the final high school year. We encourage students to participate early in their HSC year rather than waiting until stress has reached a severe degree, however the program can be beneficial at any stage. The program uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to help participants get the most out of their final year whilst keeping stress to a manageable level.

During the July school holidays we will be running a 2 hour workshop which will cover some of the key areas from the full program.  For more details and to register see this page.

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and how does it work?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) assists individuals to identify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and replace them through learning and implementing healthier skills and habits. CBT is described as an active, solution-focused therapy and involves addressing specific issues by learning new skills, practicing those skills using homework and in-session tasks then applying them to real life situations to create lasting behaviour change. By using the CBT approach, SWoS will focus on both thoughts and expectations about the HSC year, as well as actual behaviours, such as procrastination and study habits.

The Study Without Stress Program covers the following topics:

  • Understanding stress (including causes, symptoms and the role of the stress response)
  • Goal setting
  • Managing expectations and beliefs about the HSC
  • Creating effective timetables
  • Learning how thoughts can affect performance
  • Challenging negative or unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Understanding perfectionism
  • Understanding procrastination
  • Tips to deal with work avoidance
  • Building good study habits
  • Procedures for problem solving
  • Exam preparation

How long will the program take and when will it run?

The program is run across 6 x 1 hour sessions outside of school hours. These sessions take place across 8 weeks of the school term (usually from weeks 2-10). Currently the program is being run in an individual therapy format only. You will be required to spend a little time each week between sessions practicing the skills or completing short tasks to facilitate learning.

Does the program cover specific HSC subject content from the syllabus?

No. The program aims to assist you to study and perform in exams more effectively and with less stress, however the program is not designed to cover specific subject or Board of Studies syllabus content. Speak to your school counsellor or year adviser for information about ways to revise specific subject content.

What if I need help with issues beyond study stress?

The Study Without Stress program is designed to help year 11 and 12 students manage stress associated with the HSC year. The program is not designed to be a psychological intervention for more severe anxiety or depression and therefore will not be suitable for some students who are experiencing these concerns. The CEH Clinic offers more intensive one-on-one treatment for adolescents that need help with such issues. Please phone or email the Clinic if you feel that this is a more suitable option.

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