Chilled Plus Online

Chilled Plus Online

Adolescent Program for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depressive disorders represent approximately two-thirds of all mental health problems in young people. Chilled Plus is an online treatment program for adolescents with anxiety and depression.

The program has 8 online modules and is accompanied by a weekly 30-minute phone call with a trained therapist. The program is based on cognitive behavioural treatment, incorporating the latest research and techniques in working with motivation and negative emotions. Adolescents will learn creative ways to manage emotions and accomplish their immediate goals.

The online program is based on the ‘Chilled’ treatment program, which has been running at the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University since 2006. Current results indicate that most adolescents who complete our programs show significant improvement, with reduced anxiety and depression symptoms.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Learning about anxiety and depression
  • Tackling motivation and setting goals
  • Fighting avoidance by facing it (stepladders)
  • Managing emotions
  • Realistic thinking
  • Coping strategies and assertiveness
  • Handling teasing and bullying
  • Building relationships
  • Ways that parents can help

Our Current Chilled Plus Research

Participating in our research programs allows families access to cutting edge treatment for anxiety, at a cost considerably less than that charged by private psychologists. We can keep costs down because we are funded by an Australian Rotary Health Research grant to conduct research into anxiety in young people. People who participate in Chilled Plus are asked to help with the research in a variety of ways. Firstly, participants are asked to assist us by filling in questionnaires and completing phone assessment interviews, even after their program has finished. This is because our studies investigate the long-term effectiveness of the treatments we provide. Second, as this is a randomized controlled trial, there are two groups: 1. Chilled Plus Treatment Group and 2. Waitlist Group. This means that 50% of participants will be put on a waitlist for 8 weeks before they start the online treatment program. They will be offered exactly the same treatment after the waitlist period of 8 weeks is over.

What does treatment involve?

As part of the Chilled Plus Online Treatment adolescents will complete 8 modules of online treatment. Each module will be accompanied by a 30-minute call with a trained therapist. In addition, the therapists will also have contact with parents throughout the program. This means that treatment is completely conducted over the phone and the internet with no face-no-face sessions.

Like all research at the Centre for Emotional Health, adolescents will be closely monitored by an experienced team of psychologists, who will be available to your family throughout the therapeutic process.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

We ask that all participants place a $100 bond, which will be refunded once all post-treatment questionnaires are completed.

How can I participate in this program?

We believe that the Chilled Plus Online Treatment will offer Australian adolescents the best treatment for anxiety and depression currently available. We invite you to contact us to find out more. If you have questions about this treatment please contact our friendly research officers on or 9850 6741.

Download this flyer for more information PDF, 371.65 KB.

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