Our program

Our program

Vacation Care will open Monday 19th December - Friday 27th January 2017

The Vacation Care program changes each holiday period and incorporates a combination of excursions, incursions, art/craft, drama, cooking, games and sports. Some activities incur an additional charge and this is detailed on the written program.

December/ January Program



Click here for printable version of the program

Booking Process

Please follow these instructions when Booking into Macquarie University Vacation Care:

  1. New and existing families please complete the Booking Form along with the Excursion Form
  2. Email the completed booking form and excursion form to vacationcare@mq.edu.au
  3. Cheryl will send a confirmation email once your booking form is received stating you are tentatively booked in. 
  4. Existing families can then login to Hubworks and schedule their selected days of care for their child/ren.
  5. Note: If you are new to Vacation Care you will also be sent a Hubworks login details (this is an online enrolment form and where you also place your payment details) along with an Authorisation Form.
  6. Login to Hubworks and check your child’s details and payment details. If this is your first time, please complete the enrolment form, upload your child’s ACIR Immunisation statement and complete the banking details. If you are eligible for child care subsidies, ensure that the parent and child’s CRN details and dates of birth are completed.
  7. Bookings are still open. Please note Thursday 19th January and Wednesday 25th January are completely booked, you will be added to the waitlist. 
  8. For any further information regarding the program or booking process please call Cheryl or Sam 9850 7740

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • All bookings must be placed by Friday 16th December, with all forms returned and Hubworks information completed. If all forms are not returned by Friday 16th December, your booking cannot be guaranteed.
  • Full fees will be charged in the week prior to program commencement, Monday 19th December.  Child care subsidies will be applied to approved families.
  • Transfer of days may be done in consultation with the Manager, depending on availability
  • Please note cancellations and refunds once the program has started will only be considered for exceptional circumstances.

Can I claim child care benefit or child care rebate?

Yes, you can claim child care benefit / child care rebate if you have been approved by Centrelink. Please make sure your details are correct in Hubworks, and provided on the booking form. Please put in the parent and child CRN and dates of birth in order to receive entitlements. If you are unsure, please contact Cheryl at vacationcare@mq.edu.au 9850-7740

Please note if your child’s immunisation is not up to date you may not be receiving child care subsidies.

Any queries please contact: Samantha Glass or Cheryl Twohig at vacationcare@mq.edu.au or 9850-7740

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