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About us

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About us – the change makers

You’re probably already practicing sustainability in certain aspects of your life - with or without realising it. Now is the time to appreciate what you already do and embrace the opportunity to do more!

See yourself as the change-maker. Start by committing to Do Good, or join the M-Power movement. Better yet, have a conversation with our friendly team. Passionate about positive change, we enjoy building long term connections through mutually beneficial collaboration. We can assist your team to purposefully embrace sustainability as part of business as usual.

Together we have over 40 years of experience in:

  • Resource efficiency and implementation of practical initiatives
  • Behaviour and culture change processes, with a focus on engagement and communication
  • Curriculum connections with an emphasis on resource development
  • Strategic planning and project implementation

We bring an important and different perspective to the table with our capacity to see the big picture through a social, environmental and economic wellbeing lens. Contact us to have a chat about how we can help your area.

  • Operations: Resource efficiency and implementation of practical initiatives
  • Education and Engagement: Active participation and awareness building of staff, students and community members, as well as the curriculum taught at the University
  • Planning and Development: In two aspects - the built infrastructure and strategic planning.

I work across the campus with the business units and Faculties to achieve change towards sustainability, and am supported by a fabulous team of people who all undertake their roles with great enthusiasm.

I am also the President of Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability, a role I find wonderfully challenging and uplifting as we try to bring the tertiary sector together to bring a real focus to sustainability as part of core business.

this is my first role within a higher education institution. I obtained my Masters in Human Resource Management at UTS, and currently studying Master of International Security Studies through PICT, Macquarie, focusing on environmental and human security issues. I am excited to be working within Sustainability, as I believe this is an area that we all need to think about and engage with further in order to protect and ensure the longevity of our quality of life, through our health, our resources, and our environment.

When I'm not working, I spend time studying, going to the theatre, and engaging with life lectures. To really relax, though, I love to get out of the city and go motorbike riding with good friends. I also enjoy travelling and immersing myself within other cultures and gaining an insight into how others live, and what their relationship and beliefs are with their environment. A quote that resonates with me in all aspects of life is "You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself", Nelson Mandela.

My undergraduate and Masters education (both undertaken at Macquarie University) engaged my interest in community-based social marketing campaigns directed towards sustainability.

Outside my life at Macquarie, I am a national ambassador for 1 Million Women - a campaign that empowers women to take action on climate change. We aim to get one million Australian women on board, so please spread the word to the ladies in your lives! On weekends you'll find me doing bushcare or bushwalking in some of the gorgeous national parks we have around Sydney, or scuba diving if it's not too cold!    

My favourite quote comes from the Stockholm Declaration:

"Man has the fundamental right to freedom, equality, and adequate conditions of life, environment of quality that permits a life of dignity and well-being, and he bears a solemn responsibility to protect and improve the environment for present and future generations"

- though I do wish they'd said 'Humans have' rather than 'Man has'!

landscape of Macquarie University. An Arboretum is a living collection of trees. The Macquarie University Arboretum is the result of many years of landscape planning, and includes all the trees and gardens on campus. The park-like grounds provide a drawcard for students nationally and internationally, and the Arboretum has strong links with research and undergraduate teaching.

Prior to working on the Arboretum, I was involved with the Biodiversity working group, an affiliation of staff and students who came together to support the newly established Biodiversity section of Sustainability. The working group supported Belinda Bean in establishing the Bushcare groups, and John Macris in the initial stages of Biodiversity planning across campus. My work with Sustainability is part time, with the remainder of my time spent in the Department of Biological Sciences, providing support to various plant ecology researchers.

Prior to working at Macquarie University, I spent many years at the Nature Conservation Council of NSW in a variety of roles. I am currently on the Executive Committee of the National Parks Association of NSW.

I am currently completing my Masters combined PhD in Organisational Psychology, focusing on incivility in the workplace and longitudinal health outcomes for employees. Working for sustainability is highly rewarding, not only because of the awesome team, but because it provides an opportunity to make a positive difference. An education that incorporates sustainability principles equips graduates with the ability to think and implement sustainable solutions across a multitude of situations. Ultimately the knowledge the next generation possesses and practically applies will impact all our futures.

In my spare time, I like to go to the gym, study, and catch up with friends.

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