Research connections

Research connections

  • Healthy people
  • Resilient societies
  • Prosperous economies
  • Secure planet
  • Innovative technologies

Macquarie University has 65 research centres, many of which focus on issues pertaining to sustainability, and in particular social sustainability. Only a handful of these centres are included below:

Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability (ARIES)

ARIES is a research, consultancy and education centre that supports change for sustainable development within government, business and the community.

Centre for the Health Economy

The Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy (MUCHE) is an applied research centre investigating the Australian health, ageing and disability sectors at the macro level.  MUCHE provides government, business, and not-for-profit organisations with independent and applied research.  This research informs public debate, assists government and business decision-making, and helps formulate strategy and policy.

Climate Futures

Climate Futures at Macquarie bridges the divide between climate and adaptation research, policy and practice needs, by serving as a hub for interactions between leading climate researchers, governmental decision-makers, non-governmental organisations, businesses and other stakeholders, including vulnerable communities.

Centre for Workforce Futures

The Centre for Workforce Futures represents one of Asia Pacific's leading concentrations of expertise in the fields of:

  • human resource management
  • employment relations
  • labour economics
  • demography
  • labour law
  • management strategy

Centre for Environmental Law

The Centre for Environmental Law (CEL) builds on the research strengths and expertise of its academic staff in specific areas including:

  • international and comparative law
  • trade and environment
  • law of the sea and marine environmental law
  • water law and governance
  • sustainable corporate governance and financing
  • pollution and environmental regulation
  • Indigenous peoples
  • customary law and natural resource management
  • climate change
  • planning and local government law
  • natural and cultural heritage

Risk Frontiers

Risk Frontiers is an independent research centre servicing the specialised needs of local insurance and international reinsurance markets, government agencies, and corporate and utility organisations on risk-related issues.

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