Partnerships and engagement

Partnerships and engagement

Building connections through mutually beneficial collaboration

Working together with internal and external communities, businesses, and suppliers allows us to:

  • inspire creative solutions
  • challenge perceptions
  • provide insights
  • share expertise
  • create opportunity for greater efficiencies
  • support the development of meaningful relationships that create robust organisations.

Who doesn't want to be involved in a movement to make the world a better place?  Find out simple ways you can embed sustainability into your life, across campus and at home by telling everyone - Sustainability, I'm In!

M-Power was designed to empower and engage our community to make a positive difference through specific quarterly themes.  This innovative program provides free tools, strategies and support for staff to engage with and drive sustainable practices across their departments.

Learn more about our M-Power themes, and initiatives undertaken by staff and students.

Committing to sustainability is more than the operational aspects of developing a vibrant and sustainable campus.  Committing to sustainability is about making it business-as-usual in your organisational culture. To this end, embedding sustainability in all we do is a collective responsibility. Target: Better Futures is designed to help your department work towards that.

Learn more about our staff community volunteering program.


An arboretum is a collection of plants, and at Macquarie University our whole campus is included in our Arboretum.  Discover all the different aspects of our arboretum, from teaching and demonstration gardens, to self-guided walks and tours. 

Learn more about our Arboretum


Bushcare volunteers alongside professional regenerators have been working to restore native vegetation on campus since 2008.

Learn more about Bushcare at Macquarie

Bushland restoration

Endangered Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest on Campus requires effort to be focused on regeneration and reducing the impact of weeds.

Learn more about bushland restoration

Lawn reclamation

This project involves Macquarie reclaiming a mown landscape, and returning it to a bushland recovery site using a variety of ecological restoration techniques.

Learn more about lawn reclamation

Mars Creek wetland

A rehabilitation project along the length of Mars Creek as it flows through campus uses innovative environmental management.

Learn more about the Mars Creek Rehabilitation Project

Permaculture demonstration garden 

Permaculture is an amalgamation of the words “Permanent Agriculture”. It combines landscape architecture with sustainable agriculture and ecological principles. Permaculture designs incorporate natural elements such as sun, landscape, wind, rainfall, and climate, with the aim of maximising benefits to people and planet.  

Learn more about our Permaculture demonstration garden

Scribbly Gum - generations

Sustainable landscape management encourages use of species local to an area. When we couldn't buy what we needed, we decided to grow our own.

Learn more about Scribbly Gum propagation

Sustainable purchasing

Staff are encouraged to consider the whole lifecycle of all products and services purchased.  University policies help guide staff on how to make best decisions regarding purchasing sustainably.  Where possible, any furniture requirements are sourced from our Furniture Reuse Store.

Sustainable catering

The food available at Macquarie University embodies principles of Sustainable catering:

  • various Fair Trade options
  • range of healthy menu items
  • increased vegetarian, vegan, organic and gluten free options
  • packaging approximately 100% biodegradable/compostable
  • sale of reusable mugs
  • financial incentives encouraging patrons to bring reusable mugs

Having a rating tells your attendees and the general community that you are striving to minimise negative impacts and strive for more positive outcomes. Complete the Sustainable Event Summary Form by checking those actions that you were able to incorporate into your event. Or even use this tool as a way to identify areas that you can improve next time. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Guides have been developed to enable staff and students to reduce the ecological footprint of events and catering to help make Macquarie University more sustainable.  Our tour guide has also been developed for staff, students and community to discover all the different ways Macquarie University is embedding sustainability throughout its day-to-day operations.

Join our food cooperative, provided by Harvest Hub and purchase seasonal, fresh and local weekly groceries, delivered on campus!  We currently have two active Hubs on campus, one hosted by Sustainability, the other hosted by Biology.  

Join today, order online, and support our local farmers whilst enjoying the freshest produce you will ever taste! 

Use the resources, recipes, and tips in our Food section to cut down on your food waste, save money and make delicious nutritious meals.  Learn how to minimise your impact today by:

  • reducing waste
  • eating local, seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • going organic
  • supporting farmers' markets
  • growing your own food
  • eating less meat and dairy
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