Our approach

Our approach

LiFE framework depicting the focus areas for Macquarie Sustainability

What do each of these areas mean?

Leadership and governance

Leadership and Governance addresses not only the ambitious strategic intent to be forward thinking leaders in society, but the way in which this will be achieved through our approach to the well-being of our staff and students, and by building capacity in human capital and development. 


Encompass sustainability principles into leadership as well as established and developing processes and systems to ensure long-term benefit for students, staff and the broader community. In doing so, we will become an institutional leader for sustainability in practice.

Our Leadership and Governance pages outline what we are doing to reach our objective.

Learning, teaching and research

Addressing the societal shifts required for sustainability as part of the University’s learning, teaching and research is a critical element in our journey and a responsibility we enthusiastically embrace. Through formal and informal curricula, skills training and development, knowledge transfer and research, we can have a significant, long-term positive impact on society.


Ensure students are exposed to learning experiences that maximise their opportunities to graduate as sustainability-literate citizens, whilst providing guidance to staff to ensure that research is conducted as sustainably as possible to lessen negative and increase positive impacts.

Our Learning, Teaching and Research pages outline what we are doing to reach our objective..

Partnerships and engagement

Sustainability is only possible when there is collaboration and engagement. The challenges posed by the complexity of delivering sustainable development mean that progress is achieved through the sharing of ideas and approaches that can lead us to more sustainable practices. Collaboration builds community, through which a cultural shift towards sustainability can occur. Building partnerships and strengthening engagement is a priority focus for Macquarie.


Build on existing internal and external partnerships and develop new engagement opportunities to share ideas and approaches for balanced, positive and active social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Our Partnerships and Engagement pages outline what we are doing to reach our objective.

Facilities and operations 

Sustainable buildings, resource efficiency and recovery, biodiversity management, green IT and sustainable travel planning all provide evidence of an institution’s commitment to sustainability. Addressing the way our buildings and grounds operate provides an opportunity to show students, staff and the broader community how we are planning, managing and implementing measures to meet sustainability best practice, whilst providing a living laboratory space to educate and demonstrate. 


Become a model collaborative community demonstrating global leadership and innovation in the sustainable development of built and natural environments.

Our Facilities and Operations pages outline what we are doing to reach our objective.

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