Our Indigenous commitment

Our Indigenous commitment

Macquarie is committed to increasing our educational and employment opportunities for Australia’s Indigenous people.

Through Walanga Muru – Office of Indigenous Strategy, our University is dedicated to building cultural capability, improving Indigenous access and participation and increasing the number of Indigenous student completions.

Our presence

Welcome to Country

This video is a Welcome to Country performed by Darug community members Jacinta Tobin and Aunty Sandra Lee.

Acknowledgement of Country

Walanga Muru – Office of Indigenous Strategy acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land upon which our office is situated, the Wattamattageal people of the Darug nation, whose cultures and customs have nurtured, and continue to nurture, this land, since the Dreamtime. We pay our respects to the Darug people and the Wattamattageal clan, the Wullamai black snapper fish people.

“The Wullamai (local totem) is a shy but clever fish, who uses the shadows and patterns created by the mangroves to protect the younger fish. The mangroves are their nursery, their school and their home. The mangroves represent life – the obstacles and tangles that we need to navigate. Once we learn the right path to take, we are safe in that knowledge and in our lives. At Walanga Muru – Office of Indigenous Strategy, we seek to assist our students to navigate the obstacles and tangles of life, to emerge as strong, resilient leaders for the future.”

We also wish to acknowledge the Elders of the Darug nation, past, present and future, and pay our respects to them. We further wish to honour and pay our respects to the ancestors and spirits of this land, and humbly ask that all members of the Macquarie University community are granted with the capacity to wingara – to think, to learn and to walk safely upon this pemul, this land. The University continues to develop respectful and reciprocal relationships with all Indigenous people in Australia and with other Indigenous people throughout the world.

Walanga Muru – Office of Indigenous Strategy  

Walanga Muru is a Darug language name meaning ‘follow your path’. At Walanga Muru, we seek to support and assist students on their path to educational success, whilst balancing all other aspects of their lives.  

The vision of Walanga Muru is to grow our future Indigenous leaders in their chosen fields and to build the educational aspirations of our youth. We provide a culturally safe ‘home away from home’ for Indigenous students while they pursue their tertiary aspirations.

Our commitment

Support and engagement opportunities with Walanga Muru

Macquarie University strives to ensure Indigenous success and excellence on campus. Walanga Muru was formed to support all Aboriginal students and staff, whilst also informing and guiding non-Indigenous staff and students on campus.

Walanga Muru offers the following services and support at Macquarie University:

  • Indigenous cultural guidance and advice  
  • embedding Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into curriculum  
  • fostering Indigenous student excellence  
  • linkages with academic support services within each faculty  
  • Indigenous cadetship placement opportunities  
  • Indigenous cultural events  
  • Indigenous voice for policy development and implementation  
  • input into Indigenous research  
  • supporting staff to better understand the learning needs and support of Indigenous students  
  • supporting Indigenous professional development.

Visit Indigenous Strategy if you are a future staff member

Visit the Indigenous Hub if you are a current student

The Indigenous Strategy Green Paper  

Indigenous strategy green paper cover The Indigenous Strategy Green Paper proposes seven new strategic directions for the University that supports and promotes Indigenous inclusion, access and participation. This green paper is the first step towards building capacity for Indigenous excellence at Macquarie University.

The seven strategic directions are: 

  • increase Indigenous numbers 
  • better support for Indigenous students 
  • grow our Indigenous workforce 
  • build cultural capability 
  • develop a cross-university Indigenous curriculum 
  • advance Indigenous research and researchers 
  • build Indigenous voice and leadership

Student success

Building student excellence 

Walanga Muru provides a unique space for Indigenous students, a home away from home where students can relax, study and feel a sense of belonging while achieving their educational goals. We provide a culturally appropriate and welcoming environment for Indigenous students while supporting them in all aspects of their life at Macquarie University. Our support services include: 

  • academic advice and support 
  • access to facilities (computer lab, common room, dedicated library space) 
  • cultural knowledge and support 
  • enrolment and tailored inductions 
  • Indigenous cadetships 
  • mentoring 
  • referral and pastoral care 
  • scholarship support 
  • tutoring through the Walanga Muru Tutorial Program. 

 Visit our Indigenous Hub to find out more about our support services

Join our community

Connect with Walanga Muru

Walanga Muru offers a wide range of services on campus for staff – Indigenous Strategy, and future and current students – Indigenous hub. We also provide job opportunities such as tutoring and cadetships, and offer partnerships with educational institutions.

Walanga Muru – Office of Indigenous Strategy
Building W3A, Level 3
Macquarie University
North Ryde NSW 2109
T: (02) 9850 4498
F: (02) 9850 7735
E: jesse.ingrey@mq.edu.au

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