LEAP - Links Digital Literacy

LEAP - Links Digital Literacy

LEAP - Links Digital Literacy

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Our Program

About Our Program

The LEAP-Links Digital Literacy program is aimed at enhancing the digital literacy skills of high school teachers and students in regional and remote areas of NSW. This program is run by Macquarie University’s Widening Participation Unit (WPU) as one of the University’s LEAP (Learning, Education, Aspiration, Participation) projects. It is one of many initiatives undertaken by LEAP to broaden aspirations, create possibilities, and actively support students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented to gain access to and succeed in higher education. This program targets four key regions of NSW: Far West, Central West, Riverina, and New England/North Coast.

Project Objectives

  • To enhance support to regional and remote low SES students by identifying and addressing digital skill gaps for teachers and students
  • to assist regional and remote low SES students in building the digital competencies needed to succeed in school and the transition to higher education

Project Phases

This program has three major phases


With support from a reference group, research and collaborate with schools in regional and remote NSW to identify digital literacy learning requirements


Design and deliver NESA teacher accredited professional learning workshops to optimally enhance digital literacy skills and knowledge, and engage students in teacher-led online units of work


Evaluation of the program, feedback from teachers and students about skills acquired and collating data analysis to produce a final report on the program and key learnings

Get Involved

For high school teachers

If you are a high school teacher at a regional and/or remote school in NSW, you could be a part of our program in two ways: 

a) by participating in our research: We are conducting research to identify the digital literacy needs of students and teachers of high schools in regional and remote areas. Your participation will involve a short phone interview and/or a focus group where you provide us with information regarding your digital literacy needs. This information will be used to design our workshops.  

b) by participating in our workshops: We will deliver NESA teacher accredited professional learning workshops to optimally enhance digital literacy skills and knowledge of high school teachers in regional and remote NSW. You could get involved by either participating in or hosting one of our workshops. We aim to provide these workshops at four different regions - Riverina, Far West, Central West, New England/North Coast. 

If you would like to participate in our research or our workshops, please contact us at leaplinks@mq.edu.au.

Contact Us

Rebecca Turnbow, Project Coordinator
Maimuna Musarrat, Project Administrator
LEAP Links Digital Literacy Project 

Level 2, Building Y2A
11 Hadenfeld Ave
Macquarie University NSW 2109  

T: +61 2 9850 7335
E: leaplinks@mq.edu.au

What's New?

A reference group meeting was held with experts on regional and remote education in May 2017 at the Widening Participation Unit office at Macquarie University. 

A pilot study was conducted among schools in metropolitan Sydney where teachers participated in a workshop and engaged students in a unit of work. Students from participating schools presented their work at Macquarie University. Presentations by these school students were highly praised and reported on the University's blog, Teche

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