AVOYAvoy is a social platform aimed to help and connect international and exchange students studying in Australia. Visit the Avoy facebook. 

Quantum Shade Interactive

Quantum Shade InteractiveQuantum Shade Interactive are an award-winning, game development group based in Sydney, Australia. We strive to make games that make new contributions to the art form. Whether it's a new take on an old idea, or something radically different, our goal is to make our players say: "I've never seen anything like that before." Visit Quantum Shade Interactive's facebook. 



LUCIGEMLucigem is a Macquarie University start-up developing diamond and ruby nano-particles for imaging and tracking applications for biotechnology applications. Their product platform has the potential to accelerate the development and safe delivery of a range of therapeutics including cell-based therapies.


Dr Egg Digital

Dr Egg DigitalDr Egg Digital is currently developing and commercialising edutainment products featuring an interactive story world for 7-12 yr olds, entitled The Dr Egg Adventures. The story world explores biotechnology, science themes and ethics through the adventures of 3 kid heroes with special genetic powers, as they team with inventive scientist Dr Egg, and thwart the notorious thief Professor Magnus Mole.



Pedestal (beta) is Macquarie University's custom web content management system for 3d data for use in learning, teaching, research and outreach.

Disrupt sports

Disrupt is a digital platform that allows users to customise their own sports equipment. Currently focused in the promotional merchandising space, providing brands and agencies with premium quality, custom branded sports equipment.


LernTechRevolutionising learning through modern theories and technology. Making foreign languages accessible and easy, bringing people and opportunities together.

Generous and Grateful

Generous and GratefulGenerous and Grateful's mission is to connect generous everyday Australians donating essential household items with people who have faced extreme adversity; so that they may create a safe warm home, from which they can rebuild their lives and have a better future.


HANGSHangs is transforming uni social life. It's a social app that assists users to meet new people on campus, allowing them to message anyone who uses the app at their campus to organise a hangout. It also filters users by those who share timetable breaks to easily facilitate a hang. Moreover, it allows students to host hangouts in real-time and also broadcasts the best nightlife events and campus deals. It’s unique, innovative and provides a comfortable platform to meet others, especially for new students. Since launching this semester, we have 3200 registered users across NSW. Our goal for Hangs is to bridge the gap between expectation and reality of uni, and we're currently building partnerships with societies + venues to help grow the app into a huge, social platform that is not just an app, but a social experience and community. Visit Hangs facebook. 


In-SuitIn-Suit(Intelligent Suit and assistive technology) is a company that brings a revolution on both wearable medical technology and fashion industries, by combining both aspects, medical technology and fashion, into our product. We are creating products that meet high medical standards but still fashionable for daily use. To reach our goal, we are conducting research in wearable technologies involving high talents from fashion, medicine, and engineering fields.


In-ConfidenceInConfidence is a discrete, non-invasive wearable device, regulating incontinence.


KetyroKetyro is a sports networking platform that aims to better integrate and connect the sporting industry. Offering a platform that will allow all players from all sports to connect and share their skills with potential scouts and clubs within their respective sporting disciplines.

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