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Learning Innovation Hub

About Us

Our Aims - Learning for the Future

Our aim is to build a community with Faculties across the University, to work together to enhance learning and teaching, graduate outcomes and the student experience, and to realise the aims of the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework.

We look for opportunities to share and expand on the innovation and excellence in learning and teaching that already exists at Macquarie. We also seek to create and support the conditions that will empower staff and students to become co-creators and leaders in a culture of transformative learning and teaching.

We manage and enhance the learning technologies and systems that support and enable the development of an integrated digital experience for all Macquarie students.

How we work

We are located within the portfolio of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching. We are made up of two teams, the Strategy team and the Learning Technologies Team.

Both teams work closely and collaboratively with Faculties and their Associate Deans Learning and Teaching, as well as with the Faculties' learning and teaching support teams, and relevant Offices.

Diagram showing relationship between central and faculty teams


We lead and collaborate on projects university-wide to create sustainable processes and products that embody the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework.

Strategic and Innovation Lead - Dr. Tanya Rose
Tanya leads the Strategy Team in achieving the University’s learning and teaching goals through the development and implementation of strategic and innovative learning and teaching projects and processes.

Professional Development and Quality Assurance Lead - Cathy Rytmeister
Cathy’s role is to lead the development and implementation of the professional development framework for learning and teaching. Cathy also oversees the coordination and promotion of internal and external teaching quality assurance indicators and analytics.

Community and Engagement Lead - Geraldine Timmins
Geraldine joined the Learning Innovation Hub in September 2016 to deliver the Learning Technologies and Spaces Roadmap, drawing on the PVC Learning & Teaching’s Learning for the Future Strategic Framework. Before this, she worked on Macquarie University’s registration renewal with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the university-wide Uniforum Benchmarking survey on staff activity. She has a background in creative arts practice and is passionate about efficiency, clear communication and simply “getting things done”.

Operations Support Officer - Alana Mailey
Alana has worked in Learning and Teaching at Macquarie, although she has a background in Animal Science. She supports all operations of the Learning Innovation Hub, and is your best point of contact for any Learning and Teaching query.

Events and Project Officer - Lauren Bacigalupo
With a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Lauren spent the last three years working in online and print (fashion) journalism, before landing in the Learning Innovation Hub. She is your go-to for all Learning and Teaching events and workshops. 

Shared Services Team

The Strategy Team also includes a small group of professionals who provide learning design and media production support for strategic projects.

Looking for support with media production for educational purposes (video production, graphics, interactive)?

Drop us a line at lih-sst@mq.edu.au describing how we can help you, OR to arrange a 10-15 minute consultation (face-to-face/phone or Skype). We’ll discuss your project and will do our best to assist you.

Senior Learning Designer - Lilia Mantai
Lilia has just finished a PhD on the PhD experience and has recently joined the Learning Innovation Hub as a Senior Learning Designer.

Senior Learning Designer - Olga Kozar (on parental leave)
After completing her PhD in the Department of Linguistics, Olga joined the Learning Innovation Hub. She is passionate about educational innovations and good teaching. Give her a shout if you’d like to talk all things learning and teaching. 

Senior Learning Designer - Michael Rampe
Michael’s varied career has revolved around three main themes: video, education and communication. Michael is also researching the educational use of videos from a socio-semiotic multimodal perspective as part of his PhD candidature in Linguistics at Macquarie University. His research bridges multimodal analysis, multimodal genre, social semiotics, educational video production methods and workflows and the development of 3D interactive digital media technologies within the education context. 

Educational Media Producer - Nathan Sollars
Nathan has spent the better part of the last decade in IT support roles within Higher Education. In 2014 he was given the opportunity to explore a more creative role producing Educational Media. Since then, he has applied his wealth of Information and Communication Technology experience to producing rich digital media content for learning that spans Video, Animation, Web, Interactive and 3D. Nathan is especially passionate about exploring virtual and augmented reality technologies for use in educational media.

Educational Media Producer - Mike Catabay
Mike’s background is in visual design and front-end web production, with particular interests in social media, interface design, user experience and data visualisation. Mike is also a blogger, freelance writer and photographer, and brings the skills and professional experience from these fields to approach educational media production with a different lens. Mike is the current managing editor of Teche, Macquarie University's Learning and Teaching blog.

Junior Educational Technologist - Kevin Paterson
Kevin is a recent Macquarie graduate who helped produce videos for the Big History MOOC. Combining his I.T. degree with passion for visual design and digital media, Kevin brings a fresh perspective of the learning experience to the team and enjoys further developing skills in bringing projects to life.

Learning Technologies 

We support, manage and enhance Macquarie's Learning Technologies platform (iLearn). This includes iLearn (Moodle), iTeach, Echo, iShare and other supporting technologies.  We also provide training, guides and assistance to support the use of these technologies.

Contact ilearn.help@mq.edu.au for queries or technical problems related to iLearn, Echo, iTeach and all learning technologies. See Related resources and contact information under Quick Contacts.

Advice on how to use the systems and for integrating technology into your teaching is available to staff via local Faculty support teams. Contact your Department or Faculty for more information.

OUA units

Learning Technologies provides technical support for academics teaching Open Universities Australia (OUA) units via ilearn.help@mq.edu.au.

Student Surveys (TEDS)

We run the Teaching Evaluation for Development Service (student surveys). Email teds@mq.edu.au.

See Policy Central for more information on student experience surveys.

Learning Technologies Management

Learning and Teaching Systems and Infrastructure
Head, Learning Technologies & Services - Terrence Collins


iLearn Training and Support
Training Coordinator - Amanda Parker


Quick Contacts

iLearn and learning technologies technical assistance and enquiries View iLearn resources or email ilearn.help@mq.edu.au
Learning and teaching design support, professional development and curriculum advice Learn more about Curriculum and Assessment and Your Teaching Role
Teaching Evaluation for Development Service (TEDS - Student surveys)Learn more about TEDS or email teds@mq.edu.au
Upcoming professional learning opportunities and workshops Find out about workshops and programs, and register at http://teche.ltc.mq.edu.au/events/
Learning skills support for staff and students Find out more about Learning skills or email learningskills@mq.edu.au
General resources and information about learning and teaching at Macquarie Visit http://staff.mq.edu.au/teaching/
Learning and teaching events and news Subscribe to Teche, Macquarie University’s Learning and Teaching Blog
Awards and grants for learning and teaching laura.heron@mq.edu.au
Audiovisual services and informationLearn more about AV services or email avtshelp@mq.edu.au
All other enquiries learninginnovation@mq.edu.au

Note: All learning and teaching resources are under development as part of the 2015-16 change process.

General enquiries can be directed to Strategic and Innovation Lead, Dr. Tanya Rose tanya.rose@mq.edu.au

Learning Technologies and OUA enquires can be directed to Head Learning Technologies and Services, Terrence Collins terrence.collins@mq.edu.au

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