Executive Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics

Executive Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics

The Executive Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics provides strategic and operational leadership of the faculty and its academic and professional staff. This includes faculty research activity and outputs, grant income and management as well as the activity of its research centres. The role also involves accountability and responsibility for student experience, curriculum integrity, teaching quality and accreditations. The Executive Dean is a member of the University Executive and contributes to the management of the wider University, and the achievement of its strategic intent.

The Executive Dean for the Faculty of Business and Economics is responsible for:

  • Providing a quality-driven, research informed and contemporary business curriculum to students through excellence in teaching
  • Developing high quality and impactful research with an applied business focus
  • Developing capable and well-trained Higher Degree Research graduates and support the development of research-active academic staff
  • Engaging with professional, business and academic communities to inform teaching, learning and research
  • ​Attracting capable students who are well supported and contribute to society
  • Develop strategies to maximise research funding streams
  • Develop and increase learning and teaching quality, innovation and capability to deliver innovative and industry relevant courses

Portfolio areas:

  • Faculty of Business and Economics.
    • Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance
    • Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Marketing and Management

The Interim Executive Dean for the Faculty of Business and Economics is Professor Kevin Jameson.

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