Academic Program resources

Academic Program resources

Academic program timeline

2018 academic program timeline

Awards, majors and specialisations

Please note: Late changes to the schedules of programs, majors and specialisations are no longer being accepted for 2016. Amendments for the 2017 schedules will be requested by the Curriculum and Planning Team early in 2016.

Proposals for new or discontinued awards, majors and specialisations for 2016 can be made via the online submission system at the following link:

When submitting a new or revised program structure, please use one of the templates below:


Late changes to the schedule of units can be submitted via the following link. 

Please note that changes to availabilities are no longer being accepted for 2016, except for the removal of unit offerings or the addition of Session 3 availabilities.

Proposals for new units for 2017 and beyond, as well as submissions for undergraduate capstone nominations and for people, planet and PACE designations, can be made via the online submission system at the following link:

When proposing a new unit or amending a current one please refer to the guidelines for ASQC requirements and for style conventions:

Handbook reports

The reports website contains reports for the current academic year and from mid-year, the future academic year. The reports are updated nightly.


Archives of webform submissions from previous academic years are available by following the links below:

Contacts and queries

Contact the Curriculum and Planning team at or by phone:

Kylie Shorrock - Curriculum and Planning Manager - T: 02 9850 4262

Ali Guerreiro - Student Administration Advisor - T:  02 9850 7344

Rebecca Ball - Student Administration Officer - T:  02 9850 7237

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