Academic Standards and Quality committee

Academic Standards and Quality committee

The Academic Standards and Quality Committee is a Standing Committee of Academic Senate, responsible for the University's annual academic program and approval and monitoring of new programs and units, making recommendations to Academic Senate as appropriate.

Terms of Reference

Approved by Academic Senate 2 June 2015
Amended by Academic Senate Standing Committee 28 July 2016

The Academic Standards and Quality Committee (ASQC - the Committee) (formerly known as the Academic Program Committee prior to April 2010) was established by the Academic Senate of Macquarie University (the University) in December 1987 under Rule 23A(b) of the Act of Incorporation, Macquarie University Calendar 1987, and is directly responsible and accountable to Academic Senate for the exercise of its responsibilities.

This Terms of Reference sets out the objective, role and responsibilities, membership, tenure, authorisations and rules of operation of the Committee.

1. Objective

The Committee is to promote high quality teaching practice and program delivery across the University.  The Committee is tasked with monitoring and ensuring that the structure and delivery of all coursework1 programs, at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, meet the standards laid out in the Higher Education Standards Framework and align with the University's quality assurance principles.

2. Role and responsibilities 

The Committee is to:

  1. Advise Academic Senate and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) on:
    1. The activities of Faculties and Offices established within the University that support curriculum development, design, approval and delivery;
    2. External regulatory requirements, particularly those of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (including the Australian Qualifications Framework and the Higher Education Standards Framework) and the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (including the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007); and
    3. The evolving risk profile of the University’s academic programs and on measures to effectively manage those risks.
  2. Appoint working groups to support and collaborate with Faculties, and where relevant offices and wholly owned entities, in developing proposals for new and revised coursework programs;
  3. Consider proposals for new coursework programs and advise on the academic case for their adoption to Academic Senate for approval2;
  4. Establish, and co-ordinate the implementation of, a regular cycle to review and reaccredit coursework programs;
  5. Identify the need for, and establish, ad-hoc reviews of coursework programs on the basis of emerging risk, including significant internal or external change, or identified performance issues;
  6. Oversee the implementation of the University's quality assurance principles as they apply to the conduct of coursework programs, and advise on compliance with external regulatory requirements;
  7. Receive and respond to reports arising out of academic standards processes, such as those that apply to unit results, assessment practice, English language requirements, recognition of prior learning, admission, and so forth;
  8. Receive, consider, and decide upon matters referred to it by its Macquarie University International College Subcommittee;
  9. Support the implementation of the policies and frameworks that govern the conduct of coursework programs of study, by overseeing the development of templates, systems and documentation;
  10. Contribute to the development and maintenance of those aspects of the University's academic risk register that relate to coursework programs;
  11. Require the Faculties and Offices of the University to report on their activities as they relate to the role and responsibilities of the Committee.
  12. Consider and report on any matters referred to it by Academic Senate, from time to time, as required.

3. Membership

In accordance with Clause 22 of the Standing Orders for Committees of Academic Senate, the Committee shall have a membership which is appointed by the Chair of Academic Senate in consultation with the Academic Senate Standing Committee, which comprises:

  • The Chair of the Committee
    • Associate Professor Pamela Coutts
  • The Chair or Deputy Chair of Academic Senate
    • Professor Jacqueline Phillips
  • The Deputy Chair of the Committee (drawn from the membership of the Committee)
    • Dr Catriona Lavermicocca
  • Up to five (5) ex-officio members
    • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) - Professor Kevin Jameson
    • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students & Registrar) - Dr Deidre Anderson
    • Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) - Professor Sherman Young
    • Director of PACE - Lindie Clark
  • One (1) member nominated by the Executive Dean of each Faculty
    • Dr Margie Borschke - Faculty of Arts
    • Associate Professor Rahat Munir - Faculty of Business & Economics
    • Dr Trevor Case  - Faculty of Human Sciences
    • Dr Dane King - Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
    • Professor Tony Parker - Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • One (1) member nominated by the Faculty Board of each Faculty
    • Dr Stephen Collins - Faculty of Arts
    • Dr Gordon Brooks - Faculty of Business & Economics
    • Professor Manjula Waniganayake - Faculty of Human Sciences
    • Dr Taryn Jones - Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
    • Dr Rod Yager - Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Members of Academic Senate
    • Dr Timothy Kyng
  • Members in a specialist capacity
    • Nominee of the University Librarian - Fiona Burton
    • Nominee of Macquarie International - Kate Roth
    • Nominee of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching - Cathy Rytmeister
  • At least one (1) student member
    • Simon Populin
  • Up to three (3) co-opted members as required
    • Sue Spinks - Faculty of Human Sciences
    • Dr Catriona Lavermicocca - Faculty of Business & Economics
    • Dr Anne-Louise Semple - Academic Director of PACE, Science and Engineering

Members must not be an Associate Dean responsible for curriculum development or academic standards at Faculty level, without the express approval of Academic Senate.

 4. Tenure

  1. The term of appointment of all members shall be two (2) years, unless otherwise stated by the Chair of Academic Senate.
  2. The Chair of Academic Senate may renew any such term of appointment, in consultation with the Academic Senate Standing Committee.

5. Authorisations 

The Academic Senate shall, from time to time, resolve to grant the Committee specific authorisations to discharge its delegated responsibilities. The Committee may request the granting of such authorisations as it sees fit. All such authorisations shall be documented here:

  1. Approve amendments to, or the resting of, the University's coursework programs;
  2. Approve amendments to the schedule of People, Planet, PACE and Capstone units;
  3. Approve new majors and specialisations provided that a business case has been approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
  4. Approve the reaccreditation of coursework programs under the University's regular cycle of program review.

6. Rules of operation

The Committee shall conduct its business subject to the Standing Orders for Committees of Academic Senate.


  • Associate Professor Pamela Coutts (Chair)
  • Dr Catriona Lavermicocca (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Deidre Anderson
  • Dr Margie Borschke
  • Dr Gordon Brooks
  • Fiona Burton
  • Dr Trevor Case
  • Lindie Clark
  • Dr Stephen Collins
  • Professor Kevin Jameson
  • Dr Taryn Jones
  • Dr Dean King
  • Dr Timothy Kyng
  • Associate Professor Rahat Munir
  • Professor Tony Parker
  • Professor Jacqueline Phillips
  • Simon Populin
  • Kate Roth
  • Cathy Rytmeister
  • Dr Anne-Louise Semple
  • Sue Spinks
  • Professor Manjula Waniganayake
  • Dr Rod Yager
  • Professor Sherman Young
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