Higher Degree Research

Higher Degree Research

The Department of Statistics offers programs leading to the following postgraduate research degrees:

Programs may be taken either by full-time or by part-time study and arrangements may be made under certain conditions for supervision of research to be conducted externally.

For all research degrees, supervision must be available and candidates can be accepted only where suitable specialised supervision is available. Candidates should check the research interests of members of the department and approach potential supervisors prior to making application to the university.

Areas of Research Interest

Applied research interests of the statisticians at Macquarie are mainly concerned with the applications of statistical methods in medicine and stochastic finance. Other applied areas of interest include statistical education and computer simulation as applied to the analysis of communication networks. Research into theoretical and computational statistics is carried on by members of the Computational Statistics Research Group (CSRG). The work is mostly concerned with theoretical and algorithmic aspects of statistical image processing, signal processing, function estimation and statistical inverse problems. Other basic research interests in the Department include time series, econometrics, goodness-of-fit procedures, discrete multivariate distributions, statistical decision theory, nonparametric regression methods, minimal distance methods, regression smoothing methods and nonparametric procedures.

Find out information on the Master of Research program and the structure of the degree.

The program may be taken either by full-time or part-time study by undertaking the units below.

Year 1

In Year 1 of the program, students must take the units:

  • Research Communications (MRES700)
  • Research Frontiers in Statistics (STAT700)

Students must also take six units from the below:

  • Generalized Linear Models (STAT711)
  • Statistical Theory (STAT710)
  • Epidemiological Methods (STAT718)
  • Statistical Design (STAT714)
  • Multivariate Analysis (STAT721)
  • Time Series (STAT722)
  • Statistical Graphics (STAT723)
  • Market Research and Forecasting (STAT726)
  • Survival Analysis (STAT727)
  • Data Mining (STAT728)
  • Modern Computational Statistical Methods (STAT778)
  • Stochastic Finance (STAT790)

Year 2

The Year 2 program is based around five core activities:

  • Research Frontiers 2
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methods
  • Research Planning
  • Thesis (20,000 words) based on a small research project.

How to apply

Prospective Research Degree Students should investigate the Department’s Research pages and the staff research interests of the Department to ensure there are staff to supervise the proposed research.

They should also contact the Department’s Research Degree Co-ordinator Associate Professor Jun Ma for discussion prior to filling out an application.

You can also visit the Higher Degree Research Office (HDRO) section for more information, entry requirements and how to apply.

Further Enquiries

Associate Professor Jun Ma
Phone: (02) 9850 8548
Email: jun.ma@mq.edu.au

For more information about Higher Degree Research and Research Training Pathways contact our HDR Office:

Website: www.hdr.mq.edu.au
Phone: +61 2 9850 7987

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