Lunchtime Seminar Series

Lunchtime Seminar Series

Undergraduate Lunchtime Seminar Series

A series of talks presented by staff from the Department of Mathematics, on topics of broad general interest. The talks will be aimed at the lower undergraduate level and should be accessible to anyone who has experience with first year mathematics and an interest in seeing the wide range of possibilities the study of mathematics affords.

Talks take place 1pm-2pm on Tuesdays during semester 1 and 2.

Contact: Richard Garner (

Session 1, 2017

Talks take place in C5A 301, 1pm-2pm

  • Tuesday 28th March:  Richard Garner, "Cataloguing the Alhambra"
  • Abstract: Islamic art provides a cornucopia of intricate and beautiful geometric patterns; particularly interesting to mathematicians are those made by sticking polygons together in a repeating pattern which tiles the plane. For a long time people have sought ways of cataloguing these patterns, but it was not until the 1980's that the definitive way of doing so was found by Delaney and Dress. In this talk I will give an interactive introduction to these "Delaney-Dress symbols" and to the rich world of patterns that they can encode.

  • Tuesday 11 April:  Emily Riehl
    Abstract:  TBA
  • Tuesday 9 May:  Steve Lack
    Abstract:  TBA

Session 2, 2016

Talks take place in C5A 315, 1pm-2pm

  • Tuesday 30th August: Chris Cooper, "The many faces of a cube"
  • Tuesday 13th September: Richard Garner, "On dithering, uncertainty and loping basslines"
  • Tuesday 4th October: Jim Denier, "Fluid Mechanics: what’s Maths got to do with it?"
  • Tuesday 18th October: Steve Lack, tbc
  • Tuesday 1st November: William Chen, "There is no integer between 0 and 1, and Schmidt chocolate cake theorem"
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